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Or should I say, where to start again?

I haven’t actually posted in over a year (eek! has it really been that long??).  And I must admit that I miss it!  I am constantly thinking of things that would make great posts, but real life has simply kept me rather occupied as of late.

However, with the impending arrival of Baby Campbell #2, I am eager to step back up to the plate and continue the chronicles of life in our little household.  I am guessing that there will be lots of share…and perhaps not nearly enough time to do so.  But I would like to try!  If only because I am bound and determined to also publish monthly letters to this new babe, just like I did for Nate.

Speaking of Nate.  In case anyone missed it….he has apparently become a full fledged toddler!  This past week he officially turned two and a half.  That’s 30 whole months since he turned our lives upside down in the most wonderful way!  How did that happen?  Where did the time go?

Although the changes no longer seem to be coming at beak-neck speed, as they did when he was still a baby, he is most definitely developing his own unique sense of being.  Highlights as of late include:

1) He is 95% potty-trained.  Diapers to bed still, but FINALLY telling us when he needs to go potty instead of us constantly asking him if he needs to go (and sometimes dragging him when he says he doesn’t but we know he does);

2) He talks NON-STOP…and loudly at that!  (I could pretend he gets those traits from his handsome father…but we all know I’d be lying shamelessly).  He is essentially a little “me”, or as my mother would like to say (but kindly doesn’t) he is my “payback”.

3) He is all about independence and doing EVERYTHING himself.  Frustrating to deal with at times but also so gratifying to see!

4)  Along with independence, we are finally seeing creative play and the requirement to entertain him has lessened significantly.  So much fun to watch!

Yep, he is definitely growing up, little by little, right before our eyes.  The last few months have been a little bit trying in that Dale has been away on a domestic deployment (helping with the security for the Olympics and Paralympics) since early January.  Nate had a really tough time dealing with Daddy being gone this time, and his tired pregnant Mama had trouble keeping my head above water balancing work and home solo for 2 1/2 months.  I know it won’t be the last time I go it alone and that the next time there will be 2 little ones to worry about, but for the moment I am just exceedingly thankful that Dale will be home in less than 4 days!

So, that should about recap the goings on around here over the past few months.  I promise I will work on getting some pics posted in the near future 🙂

We’re just past the so-called longest day of the year and yet there is still nowhere near enough hours in a day to do everything I would like.

And unfortunately for all you faithful blog readers, blogging has been getting the short shift around here the last month or so. Duh –  as if you hadn’t noticed already!

I would love to promise that I’ll get back into the groove soon and have some wonderful witty and interesting posts up for you, but I’m really not sure I can commit to that right now.  As crazy as it is to think about, I head back to work next Tuesday.  Only part time (3 days a week), but it’ll still make for busier days around here.  Plus, Dale is home now (yay!!!! Sooooo happy about that fact!) and I am relishing spending my evenings chillin’ with my hubby, sipping wine on the patio furniture and having long conversations that we have been so desperately missing over the last 6 months.

And then of course there is the dreaded fact that we are moving.  Of course we still have no clue when…although my bets are on for the  first week of September.  And moving, for those of you that are in the know, if a tonne of work!  We have been organizing and purging almost non-stop for the last week already and I still feel like we’ve barely grazed the surface of the things that need to happen.

I’m also back at running with my yummy mummies.  Which is fabulous but time consuming by the time you pack up baby and stroller and lug them to the running spot, set everyone up, run for 45 minutes, unload babies, strength train and stretch, let babies play and then repack the car to go home.  So worth it (I am finally back into pre-pregnancy clothes and 5lbs below pre-pregnancy weight! Woot!!) …but time consuming.

So that’s where I’m at.  I would also love to post some of the great pics I took while we were in Ontario, but that would require the time to sort through about 1200 photos in iPhoto to determine which ones are keepers and which ones are trash.  Sitting on the computer when it’s gorgeous and sunny outside is quite low on my list of “things I want to do” this week!

So hence the *sigh*.

*Sigh* I wish there was more time in a day

*Sigh* I am so lucky that the only real worries in my life are whether to edit my digital photos or spend the time taking more photos of my adorable son and wonderful husband.

*Sigh* My life is good.

Just very very very busy!  In case you missed it, Nate and I have been in Ontario for almost a month now and my Internet time and access has been somewhat limited.  Ok –  a lot limited!  I am going a little batty not having time to read all my favourite bloggers’ latest posts and wishing and wanting top update you on our latest activities.

Nate’s 9 month letter is written but I haven’t had tiem to add the necessary pics, so that will have to wait yet a few more days, too.

In the meantime, these are just a few of the things we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with:

  • Visiting lots of old pals from high school and university 
  • Hanging out with Nana and her puppies
  • seeing Daddy on the weekends
  • spending time at the family cottage in Muskoka…one of my favourite places in the world
  • watching thunderstorms roll in over rolling field of green corn and soy
  • chillin’ in the evening with Grandma and Grandpa C.
  • taking the Great Grandma’s out to lunch
  • and generally enjoying our time here!

Despite all the fun around here I am very ready to be home in my beautiful Comox again.  I miss my sister and my friends and of course my puppy.  Who has been sick BTW.  You can check out Gill’s post, but only if you don’t have a weak stomach!  I’m warning you the pictures are kind of graphic.

And I also wanted to share some exciting bloggy baby news that is a little over due.  Two new babies arrived last week over at Students of Life and Here’s Hoping.  Big congrats to Jackie and Lisa on Isaac and Ruby respectively.  The Campbell family wishes you and yours all the best in the coming weeks as you get used to life with a new family member!  Don’t forget to jot down all the important details…they slip from your mind faster than you can ever believe!

Anyway, I’m going to work on the picture issue right now…so hopefully you’ll have some gratuitous Nate pics again soon!  I know that Auntie Gill in particular has been waiting somewhat impatiently.

And right now North Bay, ON – despite the blackflies, mosquitos and random thunderstorms – is feeling a lot like home.  Sorry for being awol for a while  – but for anyone who didn’t know Nate and I flew back to Ontario last Thursday for a few weeks of rest, relaxation and visiting with Daddy and the G-parents. 

The flight was great and Nate did amazingly well yet again.  I was lucky enough to be travelling with my pal Rae-Lynn and her little man Logan – who was also a stellar traveller.  It was a long day but worth it in the end to finally be here.  Friday Nate and I headed north in our rented Dodge Charger (wicked car…not so wicked cost of gas!!) to find Daddy (aka Dale).  Another long day for Nate in his car seat and for me driving 400+ kilometres.  But worth it in the end to fall into Dale’s wating arms for a much-needed hug and kiss.  Ok kisses…but we won’t got into details here…

Anyway…suffice to say we’ve been having a wonderful time.  Not much of a chance to access a computer though for blogging and e-mailing, but it’s probably good for me. Right?  Proof that I am not, in fact, woefully addicted to my computer.  And that I can survive a few days without it. Right?

So if I haven’t commented on your blog or returned your e-mail or Facebook message…be sure that I will get to it.  Right after I take a few more sappy pictures of my son and his Daddy.  Cause you can never have too many of those 🙂

That’s right. I decided its your turn. To come up with some ideas for posts that is. I’m not sure whether it’s my hectic schedule, the baby brain (yes – I’m still using that excuse!), the fresh spring air, or what. But I am having some serious trouble coming up with brilliant posts lately. And I’m terribly afraid y’all are gonna get bored on me and wonder off to greener pastures elsewhere in the blogosphere.

So help a mama out why don’t ya? Leave me a comment asking me a question – any question. Serious. Funny. Baby related, natural living related or something totally different. And over the next month I’ll try to answer them all (you know…unless there are a million or something like that…but I’m highly doubting it!)

“What’s in it for me?” you ask. Well, you get to read my answer to your burning question. That’s about it. But I promise I’ll try to make my answers really interesting 🙂

I’ll be forever grateful!

So who watched the finale of Oprah’s Big Give last night?  I was sitting on my couch in head-cold, sore-throat misery and caught the tail end of it.  Interesting concept – who can be the most generous, giving person.  The survivor of philanthropy so to speak.  One of the last things Oprah did on the show was to encourage others to go out and give of themselves – their time, their money, whatever.  Just give.

And what a happy coincidence that this week Melanie over at Bloggy Giveaways is hosting her quarterly carnival where all sort of generous bloggers give stuff away free.  Yep.  Free.  And of course I want to participate, but as you all know I’ve been on a bit of a “stuff” kick lately, and so I am a little loathe to add to the clutter that I know is already accumulating in your homes.  And I’m feeling extra generous and wanting to make difference after my run in with Oprah last night.  So instead of a traditional giveaway, I’m doing it a little bit different.

A while back I posted briefly on Goods 4 Girls, the effort spearheaded by Deanna of Crunchy Chicken to supply girls in Africa with reusable cloth menstrual pads.  The effort has been very successful already but there are lots more girls in need and Deanna practically has aid organizations falling all over her to get their hands on donated pads.

So for my bloggy giveaway I will donate a Lunapads Goods 4 Girls Starter Kit on behalf of my winner.  All you need to do to get in on the giving action is leave a comment on this post.  I’ll do a random draw sometime on Sunday April 27th and post the winner on the 28th.  And don’t forget to check out all the other giveaways, either.  You might actually score something free from one of them.  Here you’ll just go away knowing that you helped out some girls in need.

Good Luck!

I’m feeling very honoured this morning.  Despite my complete and utter lack of bloggling lately, the sweet and very talented Corey, of Living and Loving Every Minute of It, decided to bestow upon me the Gratitude with Attitude Award!  How cool is that??  Thanks Corey!!

What I’m very grateful for right now is how patient y’all are being with me!  I had intended to post more regularly this week, but wth Dale home we’ve been taking every spare moment to get re-acquainted with one another!  If ya know what I mean 🙂

Actually what we have been doing a lot of is playing with Nate and chatting about this, that and everything else.  I think that’s what I miss the most about him being away, is long conversations about life, politics, and all of our common interests. Unfortunately our week together is almost up.  Dale heads back to Ontario on Sunday and I am so NOT looking forward to saying goodbye again.  The next time I’ll see him will likely be in June when I’m planning a 3 week trip back to Ontario with Nate.  Sigh.  Sometimes this military thing really sucks 😦

But alas I’m trying not to focus on Sunday’s impending arrival, but enjoy the moments as they happen.  We’ve had a truly enjoyable week and have also gotten a lot done around the house in preparation for our move (sorry Gill – I know I’m not supposed to mention it!).

Hopefully next week I’ll be back with some more interesting posts!

I was getting a little bored sitting here waiting for Dale’s plane to land, and since spring is a time for new beginnings I thought I would change up my blog theme.  What do you think?

Photo credit for the family pic in the header goes to the very talented Stephenie Pletscher pf SP Photo in Campbell River BC.  If you’re local and looking for an excellent and reasonably priced photographer, she’s wonderful!  If you’re interested can check out the rest of our family pics at her website.  Go to the client login page and the password is my last name.

Guess I’ll go back to pointlessly searching the net now.  Only an hour left to wait 🙂

Other than perhaps sheer laziness, I really have no excuse for the complete and utter lack of blogging going on in these parts as of late! Unless of course you count the fact that my days are full of the following:

Nursing a baby

Changing poopy diapers

Making homemade baby food

Feeding baby said homemade baby food

Changing more poopy diapers

Laundering said poopy diapers

Running, rain or shine, with my “new best friend” Laurel

Walking a giant dog

Taking baby swimming and dog to agility

Cleaning my house

Nursing a baby some more

Changing yet a few more poopy and wet diapers

Throwing in a few more loads of laundry

Remembering to make myself something to eat

Usually while yet again feeding homemade baby food to the bottomless pit that is “baby”

Bathing baby to remove all evidence of poop and dried on food bits

And finally at the end of each and every very long day putting baby to bed before collapsing into a heap on the living room couch

So, as you can see.  Really no excuse.  Cause you all do the same.  Just call me a bad blogger….but I’m pretty sure I’m an ok Mommy!

But seriously – I do have a few posts in the works!  You’ll just have to bear with me while I’m being a Mom this week.  Not that I’m not a Mom every week, but this week is especially busy with appointments and activities and to top it all off, spring has truly arrived on the West Coast and we’ve been taking advantage of the sunshine whenever we can.

Hope you’re all doing to same.  That’s if it’s not still snowing in your neck of the woods!

Thought I’d let you know I’m going to be gone for a few days.  Not that you’ll miss me much over Easter I’m sure!  But Dale is coming home for the weekend so sitting in front of the computer is about the last place I’m going to be!  This week has already been busy and the next few days are going to fly by!

We’re having a family portrait done on Saturday afternoon, Saturday night is “date night” for Mommy and Daddy while Nate stays home with Auntie Gill, Sunday we’ll probably try to get for a good long walk and then Easter dinner with my sister’s in-laws and then Monday morning he’s back on a plane again.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!