Apparently I am not meant to go to work this week.  Instead I am destined to stay home with a sick child.  

Monday and Tuesday Nate was home from day care with a bad cold, diarrhea and a wicked diaper rash.  Wednesday I managed to go to work (although I had to leave early to take him to the doctor for his one year check up) and then last night at bath time I discovered a bunch of bumps on him that I was praying were bug bites.

But by this morning (after being up with my-usually-sound-sleeper 3 times through the night) the spots had multiplied and are all over his arms, legs, neck and torso.  Fun.

I’m thinking possibly chicken pox, although they haven’t started to blister yet so I can’t be sure.  He also had strawberries yesterday at the sitters, and although he has had them there before without a problem they could be the culprit.

In any case the little man is rather miserable.  He went back down for a morning nap just before 8, which is very early for him.  I am still holding out hope that this is not Chicken Pox and he will be back at day care tomorrow.  But I’m not holding my breath either!