Another great day on the road!  I am so proud of my superstar traveller (Nate…not Dale, although he travels well too! LOL) who almost never fusses in the car and poops (without fail!) early in the morning before we put him in the carseat!  Nate slept in until 7 am, then accompanied Dale and I on a 30 min run through Hope.  Not as great as my usual Sunday morning run with the Yummies, but at least I got out there.  By 9:15 we were on the highway again and headed over the Coquihalla.  We made a quick mid-morning stop in Kamloops then pushed on to Salmon Arm for lunch and a romp in the park for Nate.  This was my only chance to take pics today.

Daddy and Nate walking in the park

Nate eating a banana – his favourite!

Checking out the pier.

Gorgeous views from the pier at Salmon Arm.

The weather was stunning today and we truly hope it stays this way for the rest of our trip.  It makes the rest stops much more enjoyable!  We made it Revelstoke around 3:30, checked into the hotel and hit Denny’s for dinner.  Nate happily munched on his mozza sticks and chicken nuggets, grapes and pineapple, all the while smiling and laughing and putting on a fabulous show for all the neighbouring tables.  He is a total ham!

After dinner we headed over to the Revelstoke Aquatic Centre, which was a great choice!  It is definitely the best Aquatic Centre I have ever seen.  The salt water pool was as warm as a bath tub and it even had this great little “river” area that was basically a figure 8 pool with angled jets that made the water flow like a river current.  They had a floater seat for Nate and we all floated happily around the “river” for quite a while. We also tried the giant twirling water slide, which Nate happily went down with Daddy and then cried when Mommy tried.  What is it about Dad’s anyways??

On our way back to the hotel Dale and I again decided that Revelstoke is definitely one of our favourite mountain it stops and we vowed that next time we drive through we’ll send at least two days here exploring.  The Columbia River Valley is beautiful and the town of Revelstoke is very pretty and well kept and I know we could fill a few days checking out the local sights.

Tomorrow we’re headed for Banff where we’re hoping to check out the Hot Springs and squeeze in a short hike.  But for now it’s off to snuggle down into bed with my husband 😉