Dear Nate,

Yes. I am late. Again. But again, it is only because we are just having way way too much fun spending our off time with you, instead of blogging!

At the beginning of every new month I find myself thinking, “Wow, what am I going to be able to write about for Nate’s next monthly letter? It doesn’t seem like he’s really changing that much or doing anything new.” Not that this honestly concerns me, just that I often feel like things are kind of static for the first half of a new month. But without fail, little man, you surprise your Mom and in the last two weeks go and learn a whole bunch of new tricks! This past month was no exception. Just when I felt like I knew you inside and out, you went and changed yet again!

Now you are walking (or at least taking steps every now and again!). You are really playing with your toys – I mean really playing! Not just chewing on them or throwing them around the room. You have learned how to put the rings on the stick, and put blocks in cups, and shake-shake-shake your new music makers. Of course you still love to pull all the tupperware out of the drawer too. But I’m pretty sure that’s half the fun of being 11 months-old!

As usual, this past month has been somewhat hectic. We have survived the transition to Mommy working really well for the most part and are settled into a good routine. I love being able to come home at lunch time to play with you. I adore seeing the way your eyes light up when your Auntie Gill and I walk into the house. And I cherish our evenings together now more than ever, despite being tired after a day at the office. Even on evenings when you’re a little under-the-weather, like tonight, we can always sit and snuggle and read a few books to pass the time together. I try to enjoy the quiet moments, because they are few and far between! Usually are an on-the-go type of baby…walking behind your walker, crawling around the house at mach 3, or rolling around on the floor giggling and laughing up a storm! One of your new favourite games is crawling under the bridge – one of us makes a bridge on all fours and you crawl through our arms and legs as fast as you can before the bridge collapses on top of you in a pile of hugs and kisses. Definitely fun.

We’ve also spent a lot of time this month at the beach. And your Daddy and I are quickly discovering that the beach is a very dirty proposition with an 11 month-old baby! You usually come home covered in dirt and grime, with sand in every imaginable crevice, but also decidedly content and totally tuckered out. Considering how much your Mommy loves the beach, I think you come by it all honestly!  Thank goodness Cold Lake has a beach too!

You also feed yourself almost all your food and we have been steadily broadening your culinary horizons.  Bananas are still by far your favourite food, but you also really enjoy fresh local blueberries.  Pancakes and ice cream are two of the other things you have enjoyed trying out this month.  However, as we discovered at your early first birthday party, you most definitely do not like cake.  In fact you spit out the icing and gagged on the cake itself.  So no covered in cake pics for you, little man!  Perhaps we’ll try again in a month when you really turn one.

Speaking of turning one.  When you do turn one, we should be relatively settled into our new house in Cold Lake.  You joined us on our House Hunting Trip in early August, and although it was a bit of a rough week for you (teething, not sleeping, different routine altogether) we are so happy that we found a place to make a nice home for us in our new city.  Luckily we also found a daycare for you that I’m pretty sure you’ll like!  Hopefully you’ll enjoy your days at Kim’s house as much as you like spending your days with Heather here in Comox.  We couldn’t have survived the trip without all the help from your Auntie Gill.  She looked after you all day long while your Daddy and I were out running around like crazy people.  And as usual, the two of you had lots of fun playing rousing games like “Put Funny Things on Auntie Gill’s Head” and “Pull Auntie Gill’s Big Hoop Earings Out” and “Toss The Baby On The Big Queen Size Bed And Then Try to Grab Him Before He Luanches Himself Off The Other Side”.  Definitely good times with Auntie Gill!

You also went on your first overnight camping/hiking trip this month and did so well!  You slept without a fuss in your playpen in the tent, and enjoyed the hike up the mountain, perched high on Daddy’s shoulders in your new hiking carrier.

Your month ended with a wonderful visit from your Grandpa Ottaway and Tabatha.  Grandpa had lots of fun keeping you up-to-date with the latest sports stats and watching your first Olympics with you.  I’m so happy that you finally got to spend some real time with him, because he’s very special to your Auntie Gill and I!  We even got him to carry you in the Beco and to go swimming with you in Barb’s pool…proof to anyone who knows him that he’d do almost anything for his favourite Grandson!

Wow – what a busy month.  It makes me really glad that I also take the time some days to sit back and watch you.  Watch you play, watch you sleep, watch you interact with the people you love, watch you grow.  I could watch you forever, lovey dove.

Hugs and Kisses,