Here’s the scoop.  I am still going strong with my 365 Photo Challenge.  And despite the fact that my sister thinks I cheat a lot, I think I’ve only missed about 15 days so far all year.  And I figure considering how busy my life has been, that’s pretty darn good!  I know I have been rather lax at updating my Flickr account with my 365 shots lately, and I do apologize.  I am working hard to get my pics from the last 3 months all sorted out, and as soon as I do I will post the 365 pics to Flickr.  I promise.

I also know that there were some of you out there who were interested in doing a 365 Challenge, but thought a year is just too much to commit to.   If that was you, this is your lucky day!  My BFF Laurel is hosting a Photo-a-Day challenge for the month of August, and since I’m already taking a photo a day, I am totally going to play along.  And you should to.

There are two ways to play.  First you can go check out the forum over at Laurel’s fav scrapbook hangout, Rhubarb Roots.  Sign up for the forum and check out this thread to get challenge details and sign up.   Or, if you’re not into forums or scrapbooking per se, you can check out Laurel’s blog and play along there with her weekly challenges.  Her goal is to make mini scrapbook album at the end of the month that documents August.  It’s a wonderful idea to have 30 everyday photos of your life – even if you don’t necessarily scrapbook.

My goal, in addition to keeping up with the photo-a-day challenges, is to post my pic every day.  I’m really not sure how successful I’ll be at this part – but I really want to try!  This month is going to be very hectic, but very exciting for us (sad too…but I’m trying not to think about that!).  We are heading out on our House Hunting Trip to Cold Lake, AB tomorrow.  We have 7 days to find and purchase a house as well as attempt to secure childcare.  Luckily I have a fabulous sister who is coming along to babysit Nate for us, which takes a huge load of mine and Dale’s shoulders.  Whew!  By the end of the month we’ll be packing up our teeny tiny PMQ that has been our home-sweet-home for the past 5 years.  Big changes in store for our little family – that’s for sure!

By trying to post every day, I’m hoping that I can better capture some of these precious last moments in Comox as well as the precious first moments in Cold Lake.  As sad as I am to be leaving my beloved Valley, there is something very exciting about exploring and experiencing a new town for the first time.  There really is only one “first time” for everything!

So, without further ado…here is today’s pic.  We set up Turner’s dog crate in the living room today because Turner is going to be in it a lot over the next two months and we need him to get used to it again.  However, there wasn’t much room for the pooch in it because my little boy thought it was his own personal playhouse!  Too funny!