Not today. But yesterday.  Not that I wouldn’t be smiling about them today (if they had happened today) but since I was too busy enjoying them to post at the time I figured I should share them now!

1.   Nate learning how to give kisses – too sweet!

2.   A kick ass workout with my BFF and my sister that still has my shoulders and pecs aching today.  We rock girls!

3.   Venti Iced Mocha with whip from Starbucks – because there is no Starbucks in Cold Lake 😦  And I deserved it after number 2!

4.   Driving with the windows rolled down, listening to “Sweet Home Alabama” really loud (and singing along).

5.   Doing number 4 with a happy, tired pooch leaning over my shoulder after a great night at agility.

6.   Snuggling into bed with my fabulous husband, confident in the knowledge that my baby is finally sleeping through the night!

*Sigh* As Corey always says: Life is good!