Sweet Nate,

You are 10 months old today and it has been very bitter sweet for your poor old Mom!  Today was my first day back at work and your first full day with your babysitter Heather.  All day at work the only thing I could think about was you.  And what I was missing, you might ask?  Well…the giggles, the games of peek a boo and crawl-over-the-dog, the smiles and cuddles, the funny faces and cries and even all the poopy diapers.  You on the other hand, didn’t seem to have too much trouble spending a day without your mom.  Which I am grateful for…yet sad about.  All at the same time.

The last month has been truly enjoyable.  It started in Ontario with lots of visits with old friends.  You got meet some very cool people from your Mommy’s past and they were all very excited to get to know you.  Then on June 30th, we flew home to Comox.  The best part about that was the fact that Daddy came home with us! Yay!!  And ever since then you have been quite the little Daddy’s boy.  Whenever your Daddy is in sight you race for him or reach to be in his arms.  You adore it when he give you your bath and love to snuggle in close to his shoulder when you’re tired.  It melts your Mommy’s heart every. single. time.

Your doting grandparents were so sad to see you leave and miss you something terrible.  And I can understand why, because by the time that they see you again you will have changed incredibly.  Good thing this Mom of yours likes to take lots of pictures!  On the other hand, one of the great things about being back in Comox was being reunited with your Auntie Gill.  She was super duper excited to see you and you seemed pretty happy to see her too.  It is too fun watching her chase you around the house on her hands and knees – both of you giggling and laughing and basically having a blast.

Speaking of chasing…I do a lot of that lately.  Because boy-oh-boy are you a speedy little crawler!  You are into everything all the time.  A few of your favourites are the dogs water dish, the potted plant, Turner’s toy box and the pot drawer.  Once you set your sights on something, you beeline for it, and heaven forbid anyone step in to stop you, for upon them your wrath shall fall!  And it’s some wrath, let me tell you! LOL

We have also been reveling in the wonderful summer whether with yummy mummy runs and post-run play-dates, walks, pool parties at Barb’s house and even a family BBQ at the beach.  You are very happy to be out of doors and crawling free on the grass or sand.  You also really enjoy trying to eat the grass and sand, but we try to avoid that when at all possible!  At the beach on Sunday you proved that you are your mother’s son and crawled right on into the ocean surf.  If I hadn’t stopped you I think you might just have swum out to sea! Yes, you are definitely a water baby!

As I was telling someone your birth story today, it was difficult for me to believe that it has already been 10 months since you joined us on the outside.  10 whole months! Wow!!  I see you becoming more and more a little person and less and less a tiny baby everyday.  It is amazing and exciting and makes me kind of nostalgic all at once.  I am just so very thankful that I had 10 months to spend being at your beck and call; 10 months to play with you day in and day out; 10 months to nurse you and snuggle you and love you to pieces, little man.  And I am even more thankful that there are many, many, many more months to come!

I love you with all my heart,