We’re just past the so-called longest day of the year and yet there is still nowhere near enough hours in a day to do everything I would like.

And unfortunately for all you faithful blog readers, blogging has been getting the short shift around here the last month or so. Duh –  as if you hadn’t noticed already!

I would love to promise that I’ll get back into the groove soon and have some wonderful witty and interesting posts up for you, but I’m really not sure I can commit to that right now.  As crazy as it is to think about, I head back to work next Tuesday.  Only part time (3 days a week), but it’ll still make for busier days around here.  Plus, Dale is home now (yay!!!! Sooooo happy about that fact!) and I am relishing spending my evenings chillin’ with my hubby, sipping wine on the patio furniture and having long conversations that we have been so desperately missing over the last 6 months.

And then of course there is the dreaded fact that we are moving.  Of course we still have no clue when…although my bets are on for the  first week of September.  And moving, for those of you that are in the know, if a tonne of work!  We have been organizing and purging almost non-stop for the last week already and I still feel like we’ve barely grazed the surface of the things that need to happen.

I’m also back at running with my yummy mummies.  Which is fabulous but time consuming by the time you pack up baby and stroller and lug them to the running spot, set everyone up, run for 45 minutes, unload babies, strength train and stretch, let babies play and then repack the car to go home.  So worth it (I am finally back into pre-pregnancy clothes and 5lbs below pre-pregnancy weight! Woot!!) …but time consuming.

So that’s where I’m at.  I would also love to post some of the great pics I took while we were in Ontario, but that would require the time to sort through about 1200 photos in iPhoto to determine which ones are keepers and which ones are trash.  Sitting on the computer when it’s gorgeous and sunny outside is quite low on my list of “things I want to do” this week!

So hence the *sigh*.

*Sigh* I wish there was more time in a day

*Sigh* I am so lucky that the only real worries in my life are whether to edit my digital photos or spend the time taking more photos of my adorable son and wonderful husband.

*Sigh* My life is good.