Just very very very busy!  In case you missed it, Nate and I have been in Ontario for almost a month now and my Internet time and access has been somewhat limited.  Ok –  a lot limited!  I am going a little batty not having time to read all my favourite bloggers’ latest posts and wishing and wanting top update you on our latest activities.

Nate’s 9 month letter is written but I haven’t had tiem to add the necessary pics, so that will have to wait yet a few more days, too.

In the meantime, these are just a few of the things we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with:

  • Visiting lots of old pals from high school and university 
  • Hanging out with Nana and her puppies
  • seeing Daddy on the weekends
  • spending time at the family cottage in Muskoka…one of my favourite places in the world
  • watching thunderstorms roll in over rolling field of green corn and soy
  • chillin’ in the evening with Grandma and Grandpa C.
  • taking the Great Grandma’s out to lunch
  • and generally enjoying our time here!

Despite all the fun around here I am very ready to be home in my beautiful Comox again.  I miss my sister and my friends and of course my puppy.  Who has been sick BTW.  You can check out Gill’s post, but only if you don’t have a weak stomach!  I’m warning you the pictures are kind of graphic.

And I also wanted to share some exciting bloggy baby news that is a little over due.  Two new babies arrived last week over at Students of Life and Here’s Hoping.  Big congrats to Jackie and Lisa on Isaac and Ruby respectively.  The Campbell family wishes you and yours all the best in the coming weeks as you get used to life with a new family member!  Don’t forget to jot down all the important details…they slip from your mind faster than you can ever believe!

Anyway, I’m going to work on the picture issue right now…so hopefully you’ll have some gratuitous Nate pics again soon!  I know that Auntie Gill in particular has been waiting somewhat impatiently.