Hello Nate!

You turned 9 months old on Father’s Day and actually got to spend the day with your dad.  In fact you got to spend all of Father’s Day weekend with your extended family (Grandpa and Grandma Campbell, Nana, Aunt Amy and Craig) and everyone had a blast playing with you.  In fact…Mommy thought she might have to break up a few arguments over who got to hold you and feed you and play with you.  Unfortunately for Mommy no one else was too keen on taking over those poopy diaper changes!  Guess that’s a special Mom task 😉


So this month has been all about being on the move and discovering.  You are now crawling at Mach 3, pulling up on absolutely everything and getting into every nook and cranny possible.  Despite the fact that it can be very tiring constantly pulling you away from things, I love it!  You are so interested in your world and it’s a joy to see.  I feel very lucky to be sharing this period of learning and discovery with you. 

You now know how to:

  • open cupboard doors and small drawers
  • sit yourself back down (gently) from standing
  • cruise a few steps along furniture; and
  • push yourself back to sitting from crawling

It’s exciting stuff, that’s for sure! 

In the food department you are now feeding yourself chunks of banana and avocado.  And you seem very happy to be able to do this!  I have also tried to give you soft cooked veggies in chunks and you want nothing to do with eating them!  You are however, quite content to pick them up and hurl them about or mush them all over the tray of your highchair.  So, I think we’ll leave the veggie chunks for a few more weeks and stick to the stuff you like!  And speaking of meals…you are now a snacking little man.  Apparently mid-afternoon boobie is no longer enough to tide you over until supper and you now have a few mum-mums and some fruit as an afternoon snack.  I am somewhat thankful though that you still want at least some boobie time after you wake up from your nap as I’m not quite ready to give up our nursing sessions.  I enjoy our snuggle time too much!

In the sleep department there are yet more ups and downs.  You are back to falling asleep quite well and rather quickly both for naps and at bedtime, but your naps are erratic in length and you are still not sleeping through the night again.  You are rarely up more than twice, and often only once, but I am still longing for more than 4 hours of sleep in a row on a regular basis!   

You are still a stellar traveller and were wonderful on our flights from BC to Ontario and have been very tolerant of all the long car rides.  As long as we set out at nap time I can usually get a good 2 1/2 hours of driving in before you need a break.  And you really have been all over the place in the last few weeks.  First we saw your Daddy in North Bay, where we enjoyed lots of new scenery on our runs and where you had your first mini-train and carousel rides (both of which you adored!).  Then we spent almost a week up at the cottage.  It was so fabulous to be able to have you in one of my favourite places on the planet.  It was a little chilly and the mosquitoes were awful but you still got to go for your first swim in Muldrew Lake 🙂  Now we are back in Woodstock for a busy week of visiting old friends and Great Grandmas – everyone wants to see you and see how much you’ve changed since February.

I am sad that we are starting our last month together before I go back to work and am determined to relish every moment of our time together.  I am constantly struck by how quickly the weeks and months are slipping away and try very hard to savour the moments.  The other day, while we were on a boat cruise at the cottage, I looked at a new baby and an older toddler and was struck with fact that I no longer have a brand new baby and far too soon I will have a toddling two year old!  How does it happen?  At the moment I am enjoying this extremely smiley, giggly stage where everything needs to be touched and ends up in your mouth!

I can’t wait to see what the next month brings my little man!

Love Mommy