Seriously.  How had I not found this site before?  In all my hundreds of hours searching the web for anything and everything cloth-diaper related?  The universe must have been working against me up until today because I am really not sure how I could possibly have missed this jem of a site.

The Diaper Jungle

They have info on every aspect of cloth diapering. From making your own diapers, to reviews of popular name brands and WAHM “brands”, to wipes recipes, to washing methods – even a list of clever comebacks for those cloth nay-sayers in your life!  When I said everything…I really meant everything.

But what I personally found the most useful today (this is for you too Josie!) is their comprehensive list of luandry detergents and what is/is not good for washing cloth diapers.  I had previously seen shorter lists but most often they only included American brands, and being in Canada it was difficult to find a detergent here on the list.  Well this list seems to solve that problem and includes (as far as I can tell) almost all popular mainstream and natural brands from both Canada and the USA.  I challenge you to tell me that you can’t easily buy at least a few of the brands on the list in your local supermarket or natural foods store.  This is an awesome resource.  And it was especially timely that I found it today since I have been struggling with stinky diapers over the last week or so.

My micro-terry stuffers seem to be clinging to smells.  And although they smell decently clean when they come out of the wash, once Nate has peed in them the stench is pretty bad.  I have “stripped” them (didn’t even know what that was until my pal Josie asked me about a week ago! LOL See – I’m learnign from you already Josie!) and they are certainly better, but I think they need a few more washes with some baking soda to complete the process.

In any case, I have had constant doubt about what detergent to use and have been wondering if the detergents I am using were causing the build up in the first place.  Now I know.  The stuff I am using now (Arm and Hammer Natural Essentials or Seventh Generation Free and Clear) are both ok, but my problem may have started back when I was using MelaPower by Melaleuca which is apparently a big no-no for cloth diapers!  I didn’t use it for too long as it seemed to give Nate a rash anyway, but it might have been long enough to cause some problems.  That and I think I am still using too much detergent when I wash.  Lessons learned.

So – if you use cloth, definitely bookmark this site.  It rocks 🙂

And just how did I find this amazing site that I had been missing all these many months of cloth diapering you might wonder??  Well, I was checking out Simple Mom’s tips on living productively and clicked on her link to a website called Stumble Upon, searched cloth diapers and VOILA!  Now if that doesn’t also tell you something about the value of Stumble Upon, I don’t what does!