Since Allison is so desperately trying not to focus on the fact that someone is coming back for a second look at her house (which is for sale) I thought I would provide some distraction in the form of an answer to her question, “When are you making a sibling for Nate? )

The short answer is not for quite a while. As in at least a few years. Preferably not until we can have another birth with a midwife…which is not very likely in Cold Lake. Because I can’t imagine having to go to a doctor and have a baby in a hospital after my wonderful home birth experience.

I have always wanted a decent spacing between babies anyway, mostly based on personal experience. My sister and I are 3 1/2 years apart in age and we are best friends. Of course as kids we fought just like all siblings – especially as teenagers – but even then we were best friends at heart. We stuck up for one another and defended eachother to our parents. And I’ve often thought that we were pretty perfectly spaced age wise. We were far enough apart in age that we had our own groups of friends and could easily have our own interests, but still close enough that we could play and hang out pretty happily.

I’m sure everyone has their own strong opinion on the spacing matter…and I imagine that those opinions are often based on personal experience with siblings, good or bad. I also want to make sure that I have time to spend enjoying Nate and that by the time a new baby arrives, Nate is old enough to be a bit more independent so that I can have that same kind of time to enjoy a new little life.

I know many of you have kids more closely spaced than that, so I’m interested to hear why you thought closer was better (if you chose the spacing!! Perhaps it wasn’t really planned that way! LOL)??

So the bottom line is there won’t be any babymaking going on ’round these parts for a while. That is, unless I forget to take my birth control pills yet again!