I have always really liked my name. Despite the fact that I was often one of 3 or 4 Jennifer’s in my class growing up, it never bothered me. I wouldn’t change it even if I could. The only thing I’m picky about is spelling Jen with only 1 “n”. Most people pick up on that rather quickly. Except my Dad…who still insists on spelling it “Jenn”…but you have to forgive your parents because they’re your parents. And they picked the name. So I let it slide in Dad’s case.

And since I’m procrastinating today on pricing my items for our ginormous garage sale on Saturday, I clicked the link on Jackie’s blog which led me to this:

What Jennifer Means

You are fair, honest, and logical. You are a natural leader, and people respect you.
You never give up, and you will succeed… even if it takes you a hundred tries.
You are rational enough to see every part of a problem. You are great at giving other people advice.You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.
You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.
At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.
You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.
You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It’s easy to get you excited… which can be a good or bad thing.
You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don’t stick with any one thing for very long.
You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are loving, compassionate, and ruled by your feelings.
You are able to be a foundation for other people… but you still know how to have fun.
Sometimes your emotions weigh you down, but you generally feel free from them.

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You’re always up to something.
You have a ton of energy, and most people can’t handle you. You’re very intense.
You definitely are a handful, and you’re likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

The funny this is…it seems fairly accurate to me. Except for the rebel part at the end…I don’t feel much like a rebel. Especially these days! LOL

What do you think? Is that the Jennifer you know?

If you head over there yourself, be sure to let us know what’s in your name!