Dear Mom,

This was supposed to be written last night, and posted early this morning so you would have it when you woke up. But life interfered. Not my old sleeping-in, going-out-with-friends, on-a-date-with-my-husband life, but my, going-to-bed-early-out-of-sheer-exhaustion, getting-up late-because-the-baby-finally-slept life.

And as I write this I have a new appreciation for the challenges you faced as a Mom while we were growing up. I am sitting here at 1:45 in the afternoon wearing (clean) pajama bottoms because I haven’t had time to do the laundry yet and all my pants have baby puke or dog slobber on them, my hair hasn’t been done because clean dishes for lunch were more important that blow drying my hair after a two minute shower and I’ve already had to stop typing twice to get my teething, non-napping little boy back to sleep. Sigh.

How did you do it? How did you make it all seem so easy? The rewarding career, the nice house (although decidedly not always very clean! LOL) and two happy kids? I am in awe. I know that you had to sacrifice a lot…I know that now. But back then it never showed. When I was little I knew that my Mom was the coolest, smartest, most fashionable Mom the world had ever seen. You were a hero in my eyes. Did you know that?

You still amaze me. Your intelligence and your compassion and your total dedication to your family. Even when doing so much for others causes problems for you. I just want you to know that we notice. I notice. And I care, even when you think I don’t.

You have taught me a lot over the years and I know that I am smarter for having lived with you! You taught me the joy of reading, which I hope to share with Nate. You taught me the importance of education and of community involvement. You taught me how to be spontaneous and not worry too much about rules and regualtions all the time. You taught me how to drive and how to cook. You taught me that spending time with friends and family is far more important than having an immaculate home. You taught me how to be proud and confident yet polite and humble too. I’m sure I would be a very different person were it not for you!

I wish that I could be there today to pamper you…bring you breakfast in bed, let you hang out and have fun with Nate, cook you a nice dinner. But Woodstock is an awfully long way away from Comox, so you are there and I am here. And now that I’m a Mom I think I finally “get” that life doesn’t just stop on Mother’s Day so that Mom’s everywhere can relax and chill. Kids still needs you, stuff has to get done and life goes on.

I could have written this to you privately, but I wanted people to know that my Mom is the best. And that I’m really glad you’re still here (because you almost weren’t you know). Really glad.

I love you, Mom