I think I’ve talked a bit about my new running/workout program before.  It started about 6 weeks ago (wow – has it really been that long??) when my good friend Laurel and I decided that we need to get back in shape for out impending PT tests.  We are both in the military and are both going back to work in July and will have to do our physical fitness testing sometime in late July/early August.

It’s nothing too crazy, but consists of a 20 metre shuttle run (aka beep test) where you run back and forth between two lines at increasingly faster intervals, push-ups, sit-ups and a grip strength test.  The standard for passing is quite reasonable, but both Laurel and I are aiming for the somewhat higher “exempt” level, which means you don’t have to do the test again for another 2 years.

And so far things have been going well (other than a few issues with my back (thanks to an ill-aligned post-pregnancy pelvis) and knees!).  Our running and our overall strength is definitely improving and I’m feeling more energetic and active.  It helps that the spring weather has finally arrived, too.

But what is the most exciting about this new running program is that somehow our little “group”  has grown from just Laurel and I to 8 moms and 10 kiddos in total!  All with running strollers and all with babes under a year –  plus a couple 3 year old thrown in for good measure!  It is such an awesome group and a real mix of military and non-military moms, which is always nice in my opinion.  It is such an energy booster to know that when I show up to run there will be other moms there.  Accountability to a group is a serious motivator when you may or may not have gotten a good nights’ sleep!

We typically run/walk close to 5km and do some strength and flexibility training along the way.  Laurel and I hired a personnel trainer – her name is Sarah and she runs a local compant called ELM and if you’re local I would highly recommend checking out some of her kick*ss programs – so we have a program set out for us and have been “teaching” (for lack of a better word) some of the exercises to our fellow moms.  It’s hard work for sure but a ton of fun too.  Since we run with jogging strollers I’m sure we’re quite a sight some days!  Of course some days are better than others for babies…somedays they are happy and smiley and some days they scream and while the whole way.  It certainly makes it interesting!

I realize this post doesn’t answer any of the awesome questions I’ve been asked (if you haven’t already asked one…be sure to comment on my last post!), but I just had to give kudos to my running pals for all their hard work and dedication and encouragement.  We are calling ourselves the “Yummy Mummy’s ” (long story) and hopefully by July we’ll all be in wicked shape 🙂   Laurel, Nicole, Jennifer, Kimberly, Nicole, Rae-Lynn and Nikki – you guys are the bomb!  Any other local Yummy Mummy’s should check out our Facebook group and let me know if you want to join us!