My kind friend Allison just let me know about a photo contest (with a $1000 grand prize donated by Egg Beaters! Wow!) being held by the great gals over at 5 Minutes for Mom.  I’m usually over there somewhat frequently, but I’ve been so busy the last few weeks that I haven’t taken 5 minutes for me over there in a while!  So I think I’m just squeaking in under the wire on this one.  And even if I’m too late…I love this pic so much that I don’t mind posting it (again) for you all to see.

Of all the photos of Nate and I this one definitely says “motherhood” to me.  He was tired and cranky and little bit sick and wanted nothing more than to snuggle with me all day long.  Which was fine with me, because I know there will come a day all too soon when he wants nothing but to run off and be Mr. Independent.  And although that too will be wonderful and exciting I cherish the fact that right now I am the centre of his little universe.