Some of you may remember back when I was merely pregnant and not yet a Mom, there were lots of posts and pictures of my other baby – Turner the labradoodle. These days the pics of Turner are certainly few and far between, but rest assured we haven’t forgotten about him and he most definitely isn’t being neglected. Given, his daily walks are often somewhat shorter and he’s probably getting a few less cuddles, but he’s adjusting remarkably well to having a little brother in the house. He is patient and gentle and tolerates our periodic lack of attention fairly well.

Because he can’t have my undivided attention very often when we’re at home, and often not even when we’re out for walks, I have kept up our Tuesday night agility classes with Turner as our time to bond and reconnect. It may sound silly to any non-dog people out there, but believe me when I tell you how important it is. Without the bond and strong connection, it would be really tough to demand the level of obedience that I expect from a dog on a daily basis. But to me that total obedience is vital to both his safety and the safety of his little brother, so there are no ifs ands or buts about it!

Well this weekend was the annual Spring TaG Team Agility Trial. TaG is the club that we train with and I decided to enter Turner and I in 4 runs on Saturday. Although Dale ran him in one run at a trial back in November, this was my first time running Turner in competition and I was a little bit nervous. Of course, agility is really just for fun for both Turner and I, but we were out there in front of a huge number of people who take this sport (yes – it’s a sport!) really, really seriously and I didn’t want us to look ridiculous.

Well…bottom line is that wew look anything but ridiculous.  Out of the 4 runs we competed in, 3 of them were Q’s (qualifying scores which help towards moving you up to the next more challenging level) and all three were also 1st place in Turner’s category (Specials 22” – which means he jumps 22” and that is “special” because if he were jump his full height it would be 26″, but that’s too hard on his joints).  Just as an example of exactly how well we did, the standard course time for the jumpers run (mostly jumps as obstacles) we did was 49 seconds.  Turner and I completed without a single fault in 29.9 seconds!!  I could barely breathe at the end it was so fast!

I was totally stoked!  We both had sooo much fun playing together.  Because agility is nothing but a game to him.  He just has so much fun.  The credit for the pics goes to my sis, Gill.  However, there was also a pro taking pictures all day (the same pro who took our family portrait in the blog header) and as soon as I can get my hands on a few of her shots in digital form I’ll post a them too!

I’m just so proud of my big woolly beast!  You rock Turner!