Sorry this post is a little bit late…I’ve been dealing with a cranky, snot filled baby this morning!  Poor little boy is so stuffed up he can’t suck on his soother and is having troubles falling asleep lately.  And when I say stuffed up, I mean seriously stuffed up!  I didn’t know that so much snot (for lack of a better term!) could come out of such a little nose.  I have already changed my shirt twice today because the boogers all over my shoulders were grossing me out.

Alright.  So now that you’re officially grossed out too, it’s time to reveal the two lucky winners of my bloggy giveaway.  And just in case you missed my update a few days ago, a second Lunapads kit for Goods 4 Girls is being donated by my Mom Liz!  Thanks again Mom!  And the winners, as picked by, are:

Comment #28 by KT “Yay! Enter me please!”


Comment # 101 by Peculiar “Not an oprah fan, but do love to give, especially toward a worthy cause. This is a great idea since it is doing a “necessary thing.” Way to go, and doing a giveaway that gives to someone else in your winner’s honor is by far one of the most unique ideas I’ve ever seen. We should all pray for the gift of giving more, where God would have us to. Thanks and enter me.”

Congratulations ladies! And because everyone was so excited to enter a giveaway where they weren’t expecting to actually receive anything I have an extra special surprise for my 2 winners.  They are each going to receive 3 organic cotton handkerchiefs from Lunapads!  I have been using organic cotton hankies for about 2 months now and I just love them.  They are super soft and gentle on sore nose (big and little!) and only get softer with each wash.  Plus, by using cloth I am saving a few trees to boot!  I just toss them in the wash with whatever load I happen to be doing and there is always a fresh supply!

I should also tell you what a funny coincidence it was that KT won my giveaway, since she is the daughter of Karen at Pediascribe whose giveaway of handmade coth wipes I won!  Funny, eh?  And I must definitely thank Peculiar for her lovely Humour Me Sunday post about my giveaway!  Thanks 🙂

So thank you all so much for entering my giveaway.  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the winners here.