Thought I’d share with you the Earth Day activities around here! After almost a week of unseasonably cold weather today was finally a wonderful sunny spring day. Despite my rotten head cold Nate and I boogied on down to the Airpark (paved trail around the local airstrip) for a run/circuit training session. As it turned out Laurel and I seemed to have inspired a bunch of other new moms to get up and get moving too and there were 6 moms and 7 kids there this morning, including 2 first time postpartum runners. It was great to see so many people out and it’s definitely very motivating to have so many others watching me. Everyone did very well and we all enjoyed the sunshine, fresh air and ocean views! Laurel and I finished off the workout with a trip to Starbucks where we used our reusable mugs šŸ™‚

After lunch when I put Nate down for his nap I continued to take advantage of the beautiful day and went out into the garden to get things ready for the season. All the weeds and remnants from last year’s crop have now been removed and the soil is all prepped for this year’s planting. Now anyone who knows me very well, might be wondering why I am yet again attempting to grow things. My track record is not so great! But Dale’s garden last year was so wonderful and I was so sad that he wouldn’t be here this year to have one again that I decided to give it a go myself. Before you go shaking your head….I’m going to go easy. Only a 4′ X 4′ bed and only lettuce and spinach for my green smoothies. Best to start small I figure.

Below is my daily pic from Saturday. We purchased our seeds for my garden from Good Earth Farms (in Black Creek for you local folk). I worked with the owners, Heather and Simon at the Nordic Lodge on Mt Washington for two years and love stopping by their booth at the local farmer’s market lately. If you are local you should definitely check them out the next time you are at the market. You can also check out their website here. It’s fabulous to be able to buy quality organic produce in season and support local farmers. I know Heather and Simon both work incredibly hard and take great pride in their crops and customer service.

Later today I have another walk planned with my sister and then it’s off to agility with Turner this evening. That should round out a pretty active Earth Day. I do wish that my day didn’t need to include as much driving, but today it was somewhat unavoidable.

I’d also like to point you to some interesting places on the net I’ve been to lately. First, on the Earth Day topic, Crunchy Chicken had a great post yesterday lamenting the commercial vibe of Earth Day this year which you should definitely check out. I also found an interesting blog called Pediascribe after Karen commented on my giveaway post (which you should check out here if you haven’t already). Pediascribe is the blog for Pediacast, which is a podcast about parenting issues. I’m listening to one on car seat safety as I type and it’s really good and very informative. You can download them through iTunes if you’re interested.

So, that’s all the news from me. How did you spend your Earth Day?