I’m feeling very honoured this morning.  Despite my complete and utter lack of bloggling lately, the sweet and very talented Corey, of Living and Loving Every Minute of It, decided to bestow upon me the Gratitude with Attitude Award!  How cool is that??  Thanks Corey!!

What I’m very grateful for right now is how patient y’all are being with me!  I had intended to post more regularly this week, but wth Dale home we’ve been taking every spare moment to get re-acquainted with one another!  If ya know what I mean 🙂

Actually what we have been doing a lot of is playing with Nate and chatting about this, that and everything else.  I think that’s what I miss the most about him being away, is long conversations about life, politics, and all of our common interests. Unfortunately our week together is almost up.  Dale heads back to Ontario on Sunday and I am so NOT looking forward to saying goodbye again.  The next time I’ll see him will likely be in June when I’m planning a 3 week trip back to Ontario with Nate.  Sigh.  Sometimes this military thing really sucks 😦

But alas I’m trying not to focus on Sunday’s impending arrival, but enjoy the moments as they happen.  We’ve had a truly enjoyable week and have also gotten a lot done around the house in preparation for our move (sorry Gill – I know I’m not supposed to mention it!).

Hopefully next week I’ll be back with some more interesting posts!