Dear Nate,

If I could use one word to describe you at 7 months it would have to be ‘active’. Luckily I am not bound to only one word, but if I were, ‘active’ best describes you right now! You never stop moving – unless you’re asleep. You are constantly reaching, squirming, twisting, turning, rolling, flopping, wriggling, thrashing, grabbing, rolling, pulling and just plain ol’ moving! And you’re not even crawling yet! I have a feeling when you figure out that you don’t actually have to stay where I put you I’m in for some trouble – and of course a whole lot of fun!

Your seventh month has been filled up with trying new foods. The list of things you eat has grown exponentially over the past month to include the following: rice and oat cereal, apples, pears, bananas, blueberries, peas, carrots, acorn and butternut squash, sweet potato and avocado. Whew! That’s a lot of food for a little man! And you do eat quite a bit. You still eat only at lunch and dinner and you usually polish of about 2 small bowls full at every meal. If I had to guess I’d say that your favourites are bananas, pears and sweet potatoes and your least favourite is peas. But as long as I mix the peas in with something else you are pretty content to gobble them up, too! The funnies thing about your eating is that you constantly moan/grunt while you are eating. Every meal, every bite! It’s very odd and quite humourous too! You must take after your Mommy…I often make noises too when I really, really like what I’m eating! Of course you are also still nursing about 4 times a day, although we did have to give you formula for the first time this week (just while Mommy was out). That was a really tough decision for Mommy, but you didn’t seem to mind at all. You just go with the flow!

We’ve been pretty busy you and me over the last month! Daddy was home for Easter weekend and he was very, very excited to spend time with you. He misses you so much when he’s gone! That weekend we also had our first family portraits done…you looked very handsome in your striped sweater and dark blue jeans! You and I have also gotten into quite an active routine. Tuesday and Thursday mornings we go running with Miss Laurel, G and D. You usually have a good little snooze in the stroller and then enjoy playing with G or chillin’ in his ExerSaucer afterwards. Monday afternoons we hike with Nikki & Corbin and Nancy & Aiden. Wednesday mornings you go to childminding where you get to have fun watching the big kids and hanging out with Roberta and Marlene. And Friday mornings we swim at the Aquatic Centre. You are starting to really enjoy the pool – kicking and splashing and smiling the whole time. It makes for busy weeks but you’ve adapted well to being on the go, and as long as you get one nap a day at home in your crib you seem good to go!

Speaking of sleep, I’m fairly confident that I can now say you are officially sleeping through the night. You go to bed at 7 pm every night with very little fuss, and most nights you don’t stir until about 6:30 am the next morning. You’ve been doing that for going on three weeks now so I’m pretty sure we’ve made it over the worst of the sleep issues together. It was tough at times….really tough, and I often felt like this day would never arrive, but it finally has and for that I am extremely thankful my little man! Of course there are nights when you wake up and need me, but those nights are the exception not the norm and because of that it’s much easier for me to happily come to your rescue!

A wide variety of babbling noises are another development this month! You coo and sigh and talk to me and to yourself almost constantly during the day. You have also mastered a rather pathetic sounding fake cry that you like to use to convince me to come get you when there really isn’t anything wrong with you. I find it amazing that you are learning how to get what you want so efficiently at such a young age. I’m sure over the next few years you’ll hone these skills to perfection!

You’re also getting to know your babysitter Heather and the two of you do quite well when Mommy is away having some Mommy-time. You also love spending time with your Auntie Gill. She comes to visit you almost every day and you always have huge smiles and lots of giggles for her! In fact you smile and giggle so much that she is almost always late getting back to work because she just can’t leave you 🙂

The spring weather has finally arrived here and this past month with you has been so much fun! I love that we are always outside – in the stroller or in the carrier. You seem to be thriving on the fresh West Coast air! Right now your Daddy is home again for a week-long visit and he is relishing this time with you. The look in his eyes when he watches you melts my heart. There is no doubt how much your Daddy loves you little man!

And I love you too!