Why is it that when you’re waiting to something good to happen time seems to pass seems to drag on and on and on, but when you want to savour a moment everything suddenly feels very fleeting??  Like when you’re driving somewhere exciting the trip there seems to take FOREVER but the trip home just flies by?  Or how the week before Christmas is the longest week of the whole years, but the week between Christmas and New Years is the shortest?  Or how the last six months of pregnancy feel like a thousand years but the first six months of Nate’s life are seemingly gone in the blink of an eye?  How is that?

Dale gets in tomorrow night at 10pm for an 8 day visit.  I have managed to stay pretty calm all week – keeping busy with the usual Mom and Baby things – but I am starting to get a wee bit anxious!

Ok…maybe more than a wee bit.  I just want tomorrow night to be here already.  Right. Now.

And speaking of Dale, as of today he is officially finished his course.  And I must brag a little bit – he got top student 🙂  Such a smart, talented hubby I have!  The next phase of his training is more practical and will go until the middle of July.  When he’s finished that, we’ll get our posting message.  Which for all you non-military types means they will tell us where we’re going to be moving.  How I feel about that is a whole different story!

But that is still a very long, long ways away.  Right now I just want it to be Friday night already!