Other than perhaps sheer laziness, I really have no excuse for the complete and utter lack of blogging going on in these parts as of late! Unless of course you count the fact that my days are full of the following:

Nursing a baby

Changing poopy diapers

Making homemade baby food

Feeding baby said homemade baby food

Changing more poopy diapers

Laundering said poopy diapers

Running, rain or shine, with my “new best friend” Laurel

Walking a giant dog

Taking baby swimming and dog to agility

Cleaning my house

Nursing a baby some more

Changing yet a few more poopy and wet diapers

Throwing in a few more loads of laundry

Remembering to make myself something to eat

Usually while yet again feeding homemade baby food to the bottomless pit that is “baby”

Bathing baby to remove all evidence of poop and dried on food bits

And finally at the end of each and every very long day putting baby to bed before collapsing into a heap on the living room couch

So, as you can see.  Really no excuse.  Cause you all do the same.  Just call me a bad blogger….but I’m pretty sure I’m an ok Mommy!

But seriously – I do have a few posts in the works!  You’ll just have to bear with me while I’m being a Mom this week.  Not that I’m not a Mom every week, but this week is especially busy with appointments and activities and to top it all off, spring has truly arrived on the West Coast and we’ve been taking advantage of the sunshine whenever we can.

Hope you’re all doing to same.  That’s if it’s not still snowing in your neck of the woods!