Before you all ask – my weekend was fabulous. Too short – but really, really nice. We kept it mostly low key, but there were a few highlights. On Saturday afternoon we had some family portraits done by a local photographer, Stephanie Pletscher. You can check out a few of our pics here on her blog. If you are local I would highly, highly recommend her for your next family photos. She was wonderful to work with and I am super happy with how the pics turned out (yes – I have seen all the proofs already!) That night Gill and Brandon babysat so that Dale and I could go out to dinner. We hit Avenue, a fairly new and very delicious restaurant in Comox. When we got home, the four of us watched Will Smith’s new-to-DVD movie, I am Legend. It was pretty good. The first half more so than the second half. Interesting premise at least.

On Sunday we went for a great long walk and then had a lovely Easter dinner at my sister’s boyfriend’s parent’s house (phew – that’s complicated!). Monday morning and Dale’s flight home came all too soon, but the good news is he will be home again on April 11th for 10 days.

I am feeling totally uninspired right now and have nothing more exciting to blog about than this, but I will leave you with a few 365 pics from the weekend.