Dear Nate,

img_7043.jpgYou are six months old! It is incredible to me that you have already been with us for half a year. I am so glad that the days following your birth are so well documented here and through photographs because already the details of our first days together are being swept away as they are replaced by new milestones and accomplishments. Everyday with you is a new adventure right now. For the last month is has been just you and me and Turner at home in Comox together. It’s not the best situation, because I miss your Daddy terribly, but we’ve settled into our own little routine and manage to actually enjoy ourselves most of the time.

And Daddy misses you, too! I talk to him everyday and send him pictures a few times a week. He loves hearing about your day and the things are you doing and interested in. He also loves to talk to us on Skype so that he can see your smiling face. You love it when he wiggles his fingers right in front of the camera so they look really big and are right in your face. When he does that you stretch and squirm and reach for the computer screen to “touch” him back. I’m not really sure that you have any clue that you are actually “seeing” your Daddy, but seeing you brightens his days. I know that he talks about you constantly to the people he is with…he is totally in love with you, Little Man!

img_6833.jpgAlthough we are at home alone, your Auntie Gill is never more than a phone call away and we see her almost every day. She comes for lunch to visit you before your nap and she babysits you every Tuesday night while Mommy is out playing with Turner. It gives me so much joy to see you with her. Next to you and Daddy, your Auntie Gill is the most special person in the world to Mommy and I love the fact that when you see her you get a big huge grin on your face, because that’s how I feel when I see her too! You love to play with Auntie Gill and like it when she reads you stories, but one of your favourite new tricks is yanking out her earrings (youch!) and messing up her pretty hair! You don’t even mind when Auntie Gill puts you to bed or down for a nap.

The most exciting development this month is that you are now eating solid foods! I started giving you rice cereal at 5 1/2 months and although it wasn’t your favourite, you quite enjoy the veggies and fruit we have tried since then. Right now your menu consists of cereal, squash, sweet potato, bananas and peas. Next we’re moving onto avocado and carrots. Yum! Watching you eat makes me laugh every day. You make the most adorable faces and the biggest mess! I almost always have to change you after lunch and after dinner I plop you right into the tub. Despite the adventures with people food, you still love the boobie. You nurse about 6 times a day for about 20 minutes. And this week you’ve decided to test out your jaw power by biting Mommy. Not my favourite stage in our breastfeeding relationship, but I’m sure we’ll get past it in one piece.


I have come to the conclusion that you are most definitely a baby who thrives on routine. The better I get to know you, the more predictable you are to me. A typical day usually goes like this: up between 6 and 6:30, nurse in bed with Mommy then play while Mommy and Turner have breakfast and Mommy showers, back for a nap from 9 to 10:30, nurse then play, lunch at noon, back for a nap between 12:30 and 1, wake up between 2 and 2:30, nurse, take Turner for a walk and do any errands, dinner at 5 then straight into the tub, nurse around 6:30 and then off to bed at 7. Every day seems to go by faster than the one before.

img_7006.jpgAnother wonderful thing about 6 months is that you are finally sleeping better. We had a rough go of it for a few weeks when you up every hour or hour and a half, but after a few bouts of crying (you and me!) you are learning how to put yourself back to sleep with very little fuss. Now most nights I am only up with you once, sometimes twice, but you have slept throught the entire night twice. Believe me – it was very, very exciting! We have a nice calm sleep time routine for naps and bedtime: we turn on your lullabies, close the drapes and say goodnight to Mr. Sunshine, change your diaper in the semi-darkness and then snuggle in the glider with your soother and blanket for a few minutes before I pop you into your crib where you usually fall asleep right away. But even when you don’t fall asleep immediately, I usually only need to go back once and pat your cheek to reassure you  that Mommy is still here and then you drift off.

Nate, it overwhelms me sometimes how much I love you. Being a Mommy is not an easy job, but every time I see your beautiful shining eyes or your charming toothless grin or hear your happy little coos I know that being your Mommy is the best job I am ever going to have. In six short months you have gone from a totally helpless newborn to a curious, active and alert baby. The time has flown by and I know that the next six months will go by just as quickly – if not more so. I can’t wait to see what new and exciting developments they bring, Little Man.

I love you more than you can imagine.