In honour of my 100th post (Woohoo!) I figured 100 things was in order…and just cause I’m in the mood, I’m doing a bit of a giveaway too! But to make things a bit more fun, in order to get in on the giveaway, you actually need to read my 100 things. Tomorrow I’m going to post a question based on my 100 things…in order to be entered into the giveaway draw, simply answer the question in a comment. On Friday I’ll do a random draw for a $25 Gift Certificate to the Grassroots Store. (Unfortunately the draw is only open to residents of Canada and the USA…since the store won’t ship anywhere else).

So here goes!

  1. I was born March 13, 1979
  2. I was delivered by C-Section after my Mom had been in labour for over 48 hours
  3. I owe my Mom a lot just for being alive! LOL
  4. One of the highlights of my life was my year long exchange to Germany when I was 17
  5. It had a major influence on the person I am today
  6. Until I was 20 I had only lived in 2 houses about 3 km apart
  7. That’s if you don’t count the 4 houses I lived in Germany, which I don’t.
  8. Since I turned 20 I have lived in 4 houses
  9. I studied Linguistics at University
  10. And German
  11. I don’t use either Linguistics or German in my day-to-day life now
  12. I am a Logistics Officer in the Canadian Forces
  13. Logistics sounds kind of like Linguistics
  14. But they aren’t related at all
  15. My favourite food is sour cream
  16. Yes…sour cream is a food
  17. In German you capitalize nouns…I accidentally capitalize nouns in English a lot!
  18. I used to know the words to Dirty Dancing by heart
  19. My favourite scene was the one where you can see Patrick Swayze’s naked bum
  20. It was very exciting when we got a DVD player and you could pause the bum scene and not have the fuzzy lines over it like you do with a VCR
  21. My name was the most popular girls name in Canada for about 5 years around the time I was born
  22. There was always another Jennifer in my class growing up
  23. I still love my name
  24. I had a girls name picked out for my baby by about week 5 of the pregnancy
  25. We didn’t pick a boys’ name until our baby boy arrived
  26. It took be about 3 months to truly like Nate’s name
  27. I love it now…it suits him
  28. My middle name is Margaret
  29. I’m named after my paternal Grandmother
  30. I never met her because she died a few weeks before I was born
  31. My step Grandma’s name was Margaret too
  32. My Dad’s name is Bob
  33. He has two step brothers whose names are Bob as well
  34. My husband was my highschool sweetheart
  35. Our first date was December 18th, 1995
  36. We got married August 23rd, 2003
  37. I wore a strapless dress
  38. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit me now
  39. That makes me kind of sad
  40. We got pregnant with Nate on our first “try”
  41. I feel extremely lucky about that
  42. Growing up I was clumsy
  43. My Mom stopped letting me wear jogging pants in Grade 4
  44. Because I kept falling and putting holes in the knees
  45. Now I own a pair of Roots jogging pants that I bought about 10 years ago
  46. They don’t have any holes in the knees or elsewhere
  47. I’m still rather clumsy though
  48. When I was little I wanted to be a Vet when I grew up
  49. Now I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
  50. I have trouble thinking of myself as a “grown up”
  51. I don’t have trouble thinking of myself as a “mom”
  52. I used to have an eyebrow ring
  53. I was the first person at my school to have one
  54. I got it in Prague while I was on my exchange
  55. My friend Katie won a prize in a photo contest for a picture she took of me having it pierced
  56. I had to get rid of it in order to get a summer job in the town I grew up in
  57. I used to sell Mary Kay
  58. I adore their make up, especially the foundation
  59. I used to wear make up every day
  60. Since Nate was born I’ve hardly worn it at all
  61. I have naturally curly hair
  62. It’s also easy to straighten
  63. When I was growing up, my hair was really short
  64. I decided to grow it out when I was 13 and was mistaken for a boy by a lady on my paper route
  65. I’ve needed glasses since I was in 7th grade
  66. But I almost always wear contacts
  67. I have never been good at competitive sports
  68. I played T-Ball for one year when I was about 6
  69. Our team didn’t win a game all season
  70. I did cross-country ski competitively in highschool
  71. I wasn’t great, but I loved my coach so I kept going
  72. I broke my wrist in training my first year on the team
  73. And competed in my first race without poles and cast on my arm!
  74. I was really bossy as a kid
  75. I’m still bossy now, but I try to hide it
  76. I was involved in everything in high school
  77. I was involved in nothing at University
  78. I loved both experiences because they were so different
  79. When I was little I wanted to be a Vet
  80. Then later I wanted to be a writer
  81. I can’t see myself doing either job now
  82. My parents got divorced when I was 22
  83. Sometimes I still forget that they’re not married
  84. I am a fiddler…but not in a play-the-violin way
  85. Although I can play the violin
  86. And I played cello in highschool
  87. But meaning I am always fiddling with things
  88. Especially with my rings and earrings
  89. My favourite chocolate is a dark chocolate vanilla caramel with Sea Salt from Hot Chocolates in Courtenay, BC
  90. When I was a kid I adored going to summer camp
  91. Nightly campfire was my favourite thing about camp
  92. I am totally addicted to Sour Patch Kids Candy, which are basically sour gummi bears
  93. I will eat them until I get canker sores…and then eat a few more for good measure
  94. Amazingly I don’t have a single cavity
  95. The first album I ever owned was Madonna’s True Blue
  96. My favourite track was “Papa Don’t Preach”
  97. I still love Madonna to this day
  98. I brush my dog’s teeth every night. Dogs need dental care too!
  99. It makes me feel better about letting him lick my baby πŸ™‚
  100. I totally feel like my 100 things are more boring than everyone else’s!

There you have it! Everything you never wanted to know about Jen and probably a little more! Be sure to stop back tomorrow so that you can be entered in the draw!