I am saying goodbye to some very dear friends today.

Here are pics of just a few of them:





That’s right.  As cheesy as it may be – they are books.  Alongside my attempts to reduce the stuff I bring into my home, I am also trying to reduce the clutter already in my home.  I have always been fairly good at letting go of things I no longer use, including clothing; however, I have never been very good at letting go of books.  I hold onto them for dear life.  Until today I have never really stopped to think about why.

I realized that these books are my friends.  I have such fond memories of each of them.  Since I was a little girl I have loved reading.  I used to read voraciously and still do, when I have the time.  For example, on our last vacation (3 weeks in Greece in 2006) I think I polished off 10 or 12 books.  I hardly ever read a book more than once, yet I can’t seem to let them go.  Our bookshelves are overflowing and we have no room for more shelves. So what’s a girl to do?

I am finally going to bite the bullet and pass on some of my well-loved books for others to enjoy.  But first I took a picture of each and every one.  It might seem silly, but I think I have alwasy taken pride in looking at my bookshelves full of the books I have read.  I think it says something about me as a person.  That and I feel like if I just give my books away I will forget all the amazing stories that I have read over the years.

At first I thought about making a list, but what mother with a 5 month old has time for that?  Plus, pictures can be worth a thousand words…so I’m hoping that each time I look at these pictures of the books I once owned, I will recall the words that made each book my friend in the first place.  I think this compromise will finally allow me to let go of books that have been needlessly taking up space in my home – some of them for almost 20 years!

Now I must admit that there are still some titles with which I am not yet willing to part (like the first book I read that was over 500 pages) but I’m hoping that once I realize I can survive without these books I will be able to let a few more go before we move in the fall. We’re working in baby steps here!

They are all packed in a box, ready to be taken to the used book store for credit, so that Nate and I can make some new friends!