I think I’ve mentioned this blog before, but Greenstyle Mom posted a great link the other day that I have to share. It’s for a website called Act Green run by Scholastic Books. Greenstyle Mom was talking about the importance of teaching our kids about being kind to the planet and living in an environmentally friendly way. Obviously Nate is a little young for these kind of chats at the moment, but I know that this is a topic I will definitely want to share with him when he’s a little older. You know…like when he can sit up on his own and all! LOL

Anyway, Act Green is a kid friendly site with 100 tips on living”green”. And none as crazy as cloth wipes…in case you less die-hard folk were getting worried 🙂  They also feature a list of environmentally themes books for kids.  I haven’t checked that one out yet, but supposedly there are some great finds on there.

Another site I came across recently with lots of tips is Ideal Bite.  They also have tonnes of tips for green living.

So in case you were looking for some more ways to green up your life…now you know where to look.  And as a small update, I am showing marked improvement in some of my goals.  Especially remembering to bring my own bags and reusable mugs when I’m out.   I also now have my cloth wipes and so far, so good.  They are super soft, and easy to wash with Nate’s diapers.  In fact, for personal use and cleaning I am pretty much paper free around here these days!

Oh, and Crunchy Chicken has some giveaways going on over there this week, which you might want to check out.  And speaking of giveaways, keep your eyes pealed around here over the next week or so…I have a little something up my sleeve as well!