It’s kind of a long story….but I’ve accepted Christy’s challenge to drink green smoothies every day for the month of March. You may remember, way back when, Dale and I drank Green Smoothies almost every day. All summer long. I found out about them from Reesh, and then we read the book Green For Life, by Victoria Boutenko. We found it really, really interesting. But then towards the end of my pregnancy I started getting heart burn all the time, and the Green Smoothies were NOT my friend. And then after Nate was born, Dale tried to get back into it, but we were both so busy learning this whole parenting thing…and now all of a sudden it’s been almost 6 months!

So, while Christy is going to go gluten free (see Megan’s post here for info) for a month for her health, I’m going to go back to drinking my beloved Green Smoothies. Because I really do love them…except for the part about washing the blender every day. That part I don’t love…but I’ll get over it. Hopefully…

Alright…so now some of you are asking, “What the heck is Green Smoothie anyway???”

It’s basically a fruit smoothie (i.e. pureed fruit) with some “green” added in the form of leafy green vegetables like spinach or chard or beet greens, etc. And I know you may be thinking “YUCK!” but I swear that they taste great. Depending on the fruit and green combo you can’t even taste the greens (although some greens are stronger tasting than others).

We started out using Reesh’s basic recipe:

1 Apple (skin on)

1 Pear (skin on)

1 Banana

Water or Juice (enough to get the consistency you want)

Spinach (mildest of the greens)…just fill up the blender with as much or as little as you like.

From there we just started to experiment with whatever fruit we had on hand…and then with different greens. In the summer we used carrot tops a lot because we could get them free from the local fruit and veg stand.

So now you are all asking why on earth would I drink this crazy concoction every day? Well…they just make my body feel good. They are chockablock full of nutrients (which aren’t diminished by blending BTW). While I was pregnant they got my iron levels back up to where they should be without pills and they kept me regular, if you know what I mean. More regular than I have been in my entire life…and I’m actually a fairly regular person.

After a week or so I actually start to crave them.

So there you have it. Starting Saturday I am going to drink a Green Smoothie everyday for the month of March. I’ll try to post regular updates and even pass on some more recipes for you to try out. If you’re interested in doing the One Month…For Your Health challenge head on over to Christy’s and leave her a comment telling her what you’re going to do for your health (it can pretty much anything…). On Monday she’s going to post links to everyone who’s participating…so be sure to stop by on Monday too, so you can cheer us all on! Plus…if you join us, you can add Christy’s beautiful button to your site for the month of March too! She really makes such cute buttons!