Dear Nate,

jens-photos-298.jpgYou are 5 months old! We are both tired and sick with colds – but thankfully on the mend. We have been back in Comox for only 2 days and being home has opened my eyes a little as to just how much you have changed! None of the little outfits that were left here in your dresser drawers would even come close to fitting you today. I have packed them all away – maybe they will be used again someday for a little brother or sister. Maybe.

The toys that were all in baskets waiting for you to be old enough to play with them have finally been called into use. You can grab onto almost anything and put it instantly in your mouth. This is making for some interesting situations these days. Just this morning, when I let my guard down for 1/2 a second, you plopped your hand right into the middle of my oatmeal! Luckily I caught it before it made its inevitable way into your mouth!

Over the last two days you have also discovered Turner. You are starting to watch him quite intently and when he is within reach you try to grab him with your little paws too. Poor Turner is getting used to having his fur yanked by little hands. We are very lucky that he is totally gentle with you. You aren’t a huge fan of his kisses though. When he gets you with that big tongue you screw up your face and try to turn away.

jens-photos-301.jpgYesterday you discovered your feet! You have been swinging your legs up really high when you’re lying on your back for the last couple weeks, and I assumed it was only a matter of time and then, sure enough, when you were lying naked on the change table yesterday afternoon, you grabbed you foot. And stuck it in your mouth. Are we seeing a theme here?

I think you are happy to be back in your own crib. You seem to be sleeping a little more soundly and you are still napping like a pro. And hour and a half in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. I have cut out your evening nap so that you will go to bed a little bit earlier. So far it seems to be working ok, although you are not quite as happy after your tubby time as you used to be. Still…we’re getting your routine figured out. Slowly.

img_6467.jpgYou are also becoming a little bit of a Mama’s boy. Which I don’t mind. I love that you know who I am and that I’m important to you. Whenever someone else is holding you, you are constantly checking to see where I am. Especially if you think it might be time to eat – then you don’t like to let me out of your sight! It is hard for me not to constantly rush in and rescue you. But I know that you need to get used to being looked after by others. Apparently when I’m not a round you do just fine – it’s just that if you have the choice you’d pick me over other people. Speaking of other people….your Grandma and Grandpa and Nana were very, very sad to see you leave. Hickson and Woodstock are quieter without you there. Your Grandma especially loved having you around for the past 2 months, seeing you grow and change.

img_6459.jpgAt 5 months you are still eating well, every 3-4 hours for about 20 mins. I don’t think it’ll be too long before we try some baby cereal for you. You watch us eat so intently that I think you’re just about ready. I’m getting excited to introduce you to your first solid foods! Turner doesn’t know it yet – but he is going to love the next stage of your life when food constantly lands on the floor.

You also adore your tubby time. Your favourite tub toys are the little turtle and crab that Grandma bought for you. You munch away on them while you splash your feet and get Mommy soaking wet. Despite some trying times in the sleep department, a bout of croup and a wicked cold, we are managing ok without your Daddy here. I think you can sense sometimes when I miss him, because you get a little more snuggly than your usual attentive, alert, squirmy self. I am amazed every day at the things that catch your attention: the mirror, people moving around us, music, food, toys. I often feel like I am almost able to watch your little brain developing right before my eyes. Incredible. You are rolling over both directions now, too. Back to front is your favourite – then you cry because you’re on your tummy. I know that you can roll from your tummy to your back too, but you don’t do it very often. You also love to be on your feet. The jolly jumper is a godsend – saving Mommy’s poor arms from what would surely be pure exhaustion! It is so much fun to watch you bouncing away though!

img_6483.jpgAlthough it’s hard to believe that you’re almost through the first half of your first year, I am trying very hard to relish every moment with you. I know that this sweet, innocent time won’t last forever. Not that I really want it to, because I’m excited about the things that are still to come (especially sleeping through the night!), but you seem to be getting so big, so fast.

I love you Little Man,