Ok Moms…I’m seeking advice.  Since I’ve decided to cancel our cable..and hence will be living in a quiet, t.v.-free household, I’m thinking I’m going to need to have music on ALL THE TIME!I have a very small selection of children’s c.d.’s –  mostly lullabies from Costco that my Mother-in-Law picked up for me and the Raffi classic, Baby Beluga.   So I’m looking for your thoughts on good children’s music…and if you have any must have adult music too, I’m all ears!  I usually buy on iTunes, so if it’s available there, even better.In other news, I’m finally home.  It felt weirder than I thought it would to be back in my house.  Especially with no Dale here.  But Turner was here, and we went for a nice long walk yesterday afternoon.  Nate chilled in his Beco, and I threw the ball about a gazillion times for Turner.  Might I add that there is a reason I love living in Comox?  Not to brag or anything, but I left Ontario in a blizzard and arrived to a beautiful warm (i.e. above freezing!) sunny day in the Comox Valley.  Perfect for puppy walking!Now, I’m trying not to kid myself, I know the onslaught of rain will return shortly, but I’ll enjoy the sunshine while it’s around!In case anyone was wondering  (which I’m sure you’re not – but I’m going to complain a little anyway!) out first night home alone was awful.  Nate was awake almost every hour…and I’m exhausted from my cold, the travel and the time difference.  The only good news was that I managed to keep him in sleepy mode until 7 am, which is good considering Ontario time is 3 hours ahead of us. So, here’s hoping for a better night tonight – I’m pretty sure it can’t get any worse! Knock on wood!