I have been feeling rather uninspired for my 365 challenge lately.  Sure I’ve been getting in the requisite daily pic…but it all feels like more of the same to me.  I know there are great shots out there just waiting for me to find them…but thus far they have remained rather elusive.  Until now.

I was over at Christy’s blog (I’m there I lot!) and she is participating in a 30 Tiny Moments Challenge, which is a very cool idea.  She got the idea from Kerflop, who has some very inspiring pictures in the 30 Tiny Moments Flickr Pool.  And when I was looking around at Kerflop, I found a link to Shutter Sisters…which is a very cool site.  While I was looking around over there, I found this inspiring post, which I used for today’s 365 picture!


And speaking of Flickr pools, you should definitely check out some of the shots in the 365 Pool…there are some amazing photographers contributing.  Now I know I’ve been a little haphazard in posting my 365 pics on my blog (although I’m pretty much up to date over at Flickr, so you can check them out there), and I do apologize.  I promise I will try to organize my posts of them a little better once I’m back in Comox with my beloved iPhoto.  Oh how I miss my MAC!

Speaking of Comox and missing my MAC.  I should tell y’all that I have BOOKED MY FLIGHT HOME!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I’m just a smidgen excited about that?  Yep. Nate and I will be departing for the beautiful (but rainy) Comox Valley on Feb 13th.  I am sooooooo looking forward to a great big Turner hug (dogs can hug, right?) followed shortly thereafter by a long ball throwing session in the field.  Gill assures me that he misses me almost as much as I miss him.  Next on the hug list is Gill (note that she won’t notice me hugging Turner before her, because she’ll be too busy hugging Nate before me).  It’s going to be a bit sad to leave all my family here…we really have had a great visit, but I’m looking forward to being back in my own domain.  Worried about managing as a single parent…but looking forward to it nonetheless.

Oh, and here is Sunday’s pic (pre-single parenthood):