So today was a test for me. 

And I passed.  With flying colours!  We went with my in-laws to a warehouse sale for an outdoor outfitters store.  We were looking specifically for a new winter jacket for Dale since he’s had his old one for almost 15 years (which means since about Grade 10!  It was DEFINITELY due to be retired!).  We didn’t end up finding one that he wanted (it was rather picked-over by the time we got there), but we also didn’t end up coming home with a load off “stuff” that we didn’t need.

In fact, the only thing we came home with was a pair of sunglasses for Dale (his old ones busted about 6 months ago).  I looked longingly at cute shoes and trendy running jackets on sale (cause I’m gonna start running once I’m back in COmox – really, I am), at adorable baby snowsuits that would fit Nate next winter and at some great summer hiking pants at ridiculously low prices.  But, I didn’t NEED any of it.  And so, I didn’t BUY any of it.

I am very proud of myself.  Yay me!  But believe me.  It. Was. Tough.  I’m thinking that my avoidance strategy is still the best way to go.  If I don’t go into stores it’s hard to buy things.  Impossible actually.  Well, almost. There’s always online shopping.  But we won’t go there.  No.  I won’t.  Right?  Right.

You can see the internal conflict here, eh?

What I did do today was get my hair done.  Here is my daily pic – a self portrait of the new do.


And in case you hadn’t already figured  it out.  Dale did make it home…not until the middle of the day today, but better safe than not at all!  So, enough Saturday night blog posting.  Back to hanging with the hubby I go!