I am so behind in my blog reading it isn’t funny –  so if you’ve written something terribly witty and interesting over the past few days and you feel that I’ve been ignoring you, I haven’t.  Really.

Well.  OK, maybe I have been.  But I’ve had a good reason.  Really.

I was up in Ottawa to see Dale.  Yay!!  I know, I know.  It’s only been three weeks since he left for his course and I talk to him almost every evening, but I have been missing him like crazy and it was soooo wonderful to see him.  And hug him. And talk to him in person. (I could go on and on!)And believe me, he was excited to see us to.  He could hardly believe how much Nate had changed in just three short weeks!  Sad to think about how different he will be by the time Dale is back home with us for good in July.

We also visited Dale’s sister – Nate’s Auntie Amy – who was kind enough to babysit for us on Saturday night so that Daddy and Mommy could go out on a real date. (We went for Mexican food…so yummy!)  Sunday morning we met our good friend Tim, from Dale’s days at the Royal Military College, for brunch and some poking around the Westborough Village area of Ottawa.  And for me, one of the highlights was getting to spend all day Friday and all day Monday with my good friend Kelly, her husband Pat and their two little monkeys (Quinten and Alia).   Kelly and Pat were posted from Comox to Ottawa this past summer and I’ve been missing my coffee-laden chats with Kelly ever since, so it was fabulous to have some quality time to catch up on things. 

Especially scrapbooking – Kelly is a Close to My Heart rep.  She has a beautiful new scrapbook room (that I wish I had taken some pictures of0 and she showed me some of her latest masterpieces which totally inspired me to get back to my own scrapbooking!

One of the other highlights of the weekend was skating on the Rideau Canal on Saturday afternoon. For those of you who don’t know, the Rideau Canal is the world’s longest skating rink – 8km through the heart of Canada’s capital city.  It is a must-do activity in Ottawa in the winter.  Dale and I rented skates and we rented a sleigh to push Amy and Nate in and set off for a few hours.  I am a little bruised and battered (not so good on skates these days!!)…but the sunshine, hot apple cider and a glorious afternoon with my family were well worth a few icy tumbles.

Thought I would share some pics from the weekend before I go.  Oh – and for all you Moms out there, my friend Jackie over at Students of Life is looking for some advice (this post) on must -have baby items for her first baby due to arrive in June.  I’m sure she’d appreciate you popping over and leaving her a comment!