We woke up to a fresh load of snow this morning in South Western Ontario.  Much prettier than the dullness of the past week 🙂  So despite another somewhat sleepless night, I’m feeling rather refreshed.  Plus, when I opened my feed reader this morning all my favourite blogging buddies had already posted.  I love it when everyone has posted in time for my Nate’s-napping computer time!

From my reading this morning I have been inspired by Caseyto initiate a soup swap when I get back to Comox.  If you love soup and need some quick easy meals tucked away in the freezer, this is a great idea! And my real life friend Tanya over at The Unforgiving Minute shared a gentle reminder to take a breather.  Something I could really use right now.  Check out her post and then check out your view, too!

The my sister Gill, not only posted a funny layout of me (it’s good to remember to laugh at yourself now and then – and boy is this one laughable!!) but she also tagged me for a MEME.  I know, I know…they’re the easy way out.  But – ask anyone – it’s virtually impossible for me to say “no” to my sister.  Especially when she says such nice things about me!

So here goes nothing:  My Crazy 8’s

8 Passions in my Life

  • My Marriage
  • Being Nate’s Mom
  • My Fuzzy Labradoodle Turner 
  • Photography
  • Sour Cream
  • Fancy Dresses and Lingerie
  • Scrapbooking
  • Coffee

8 Things to do Before I Die:

  • Have a huge reunion with my Exchange Student friends
  • Complete a Triathlon
  • Sleep through the night again
  • Go to Australia
  • Win something in a photography contest
  • Speak German fluently again
  • Write a book
  • Live in an environmentally friendly home

8 Things I Often Say:

  • Seriously
  • I’m just tired
  • Just one more picture
  • Extra Sour Cream Please
  • I Love You Babe
  • …..I really can’t think of any more.  Maybe those of you who know me can come up with a few??

8 Things I’ve Read Recently (wait for it…it’s super exciting, I know!):

  • Snuggle Up Sleepy Ones
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear
  • Creating Keepsakes January Issue
  • Scrapbooks Etc. January Issue
  • Each Peach, Pear, Plum
  • My Camera Manual
  • What to Expect the First Year
  • Fortune’s Rocks
  • Scrapbooking With Patterned Paper by Ali Edwards

8 Songs that mean something to me:

  • Lover Lay Down, Dave Matthews Band (Dale’s and my song) 
  • Helpless, Niel Young (A song from my Rotary Exchange)
  • Queen of Hearts, Juice Newton (for my Dad)
  • Little GTO, Ronnie and the Daytonas (fond memories of childhood)
  • Unwell, Matchbox 20 (makes me think of my sister and how happy I am she’s better)
  • Pictures of You, The Cure (makes me think of an old friend)
  • Papa Don’t Preach, Madonna (the first song I ever loved)
  • Snow is falling on Douglas Mountain, Raffi (for my Mom)

8 Qualities I look for in a Friend:

  • honesty
  • compassion
  • loyalty
  • intelligence
  • humour
  • straightforwardness
  • geekiness
  • openmindedness

I really hate tagging people.  So I’ll just leave it at that.  Hope everyone had a great Monday!