Aof this morning Nate and I are on our own…sans Daddy for the next 5 – 6 months.  Dale left on the train for his course early this morning.  It was really hard to see him go.  Really.  Hard.


We’ve been separated before.  More times than I can count.  But this is different.  This time there is Nate.  I’ve known for almost a year that he was going and I thought that I had prepared myself fairly well.  But I wasn’t expecting my Mom to be so sick and to need so much from me right now.  And I wasn’t expecting to be getting so little sleep.  I just wasn’t expecting it to be so tough.  Did I mention that it was really hard to see him go?

I must admit that I’m terrified.  Terrified that I won’t have the patience to deal with a fussy, teething baby on only 5 hours of sleep day in and day out.  Terrified that I will get so caught up with merely coping that I will forget to enjoy these precious moments with my baby boy.  Terrified that in all the worrying about other people I will totally lose myself to laziness and bad eating habits.

I am trying to remind myself that I’m not the first.  And really – others have it so much worse than I do!  There are new Moms whose husbands are overseas, in combat zones – not safe and sound, living the cushy Air Force life at a training facility.   My friend Jen is at home alone with 4 kids under 8 while her husband is away at sea.  Christy just survived her husband being away on tour – and she has 3 kids including an infant!  I’m really not sure how they do it…although I guess I’m either going to figure it out or not.  My question is, what happens in the case of “not”????

 So that’s my whine for today.   I’m pretty sure I deserve to whine at least a little, right?  The good thing is that now that the holidays are officially over for us, Nate and I can try to get back into some kind of a routine.  It’ll be different since we’re not at home…but it’ll be a routine nonetheless.  I hope that everyone had a fabulous Christmas and that the New Year thus far has been a happy one.  Hopefully I’m back on track now for some regular posting.  Thanks for hanging in there with me during my unavoidable hiatus!