My Dearest Nate,

reflections-of-us.jpgYour 3 month letter is a wee bit late (ok – a lot late!). I hope you can forgive me…I’ve been a little busy! The end your third month was taken up by stressful conversations, hospital visits and general upheaval of our lives. Your Nana Ottaway is very sick right now and so I am trying to take care of our whole family and don’t have nearly as much time as I would like to just hang out with you. Luckily you are breastfeeding and so there are at least a few hours a day that I get to hold you and snuggle you and talk to you. I cherish these times more now than ever before.

I must brag about how fabulous you were on the airplane coming home to Ontario. I was a bit apprehensive because yout Daddy was supposed to be with us for your first flight, and then suddenly it was just the two of us. But you were amazing. You didn’t cry once. Not once. You just slept and ate and had lots of happy awake time. Everyone thought you were adorable – which you are, of course! And at the end of the trip I even had a business man comment on the fact that he never usually get sleep when he’s across the isle from an infant, but how on our flight he slept the whole way! Now if only you’ll be so good for me on the way home!

nate-mommy-and-grandpa-after-the-game.jpgHowever, since we’ve been home, sleeping hasn’t really been your thing. You’ve been a little more fussy than usual. I’m sure that it’s mostly due to the fact that your Daddy and I are very out-of-sorts at the moment. And you are starting to teethe. That’s right – you are constantly biting on your hands and your little cheeks are very rosy! I don’t think you are actually cutting teeth…just that things are starting to move in your jaw. I feel for you on the days your little mouth is oh-so-sore! And I feel for your Daddy and I too…because on those days we get the least sleep of all!

You are still growing like a weed. Just before Christmas you weighed in at 11lbs 7.5 oz. And just after New Years you weighed 12lbs 10.5oz. That’s mighty big little man! You are getting long, too. In fact, you have grown out of many of your 3-month sleepers and onesies.

story-time-with-daddy.jpgI think you are enjoying meeting all of your extended family. I know that they all love having you around. Your Grandma Campbell hardly puts you down…and even when she does she is always talking to you and trying to get you to smile. It’s not that tough these days…we think you are well on your way to giggling. Your Nana would love to be spending time with you, but hospitals are not great places for babies to hang out. Hopefully she will be home soon and able to spend more time with you. She is looking forward to reading you lots of stories. You are big fan of story time – listening intently and watching the colourful pictures. Your Grandpa’s are a little less sure about what to do with a 3 month old, and are anxiously awaiting months to come when you are a little more interactive. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for you!

fist-in-mouth.jpgYes – there are lots of changes these days. Too many to count. I am trying to pay close attention but I know already that the details are fading. What isn’t fading, however, is our love for you. That is growing – every day, every hour, every minute – as you become more and more a natural part of our family. It feels now like you’ve been here forever. As long as you know that we love you, I know that we can make it through this somewhat stressful time and come out stronger on the other side.

Love Mom