My Sweet Nate,

img_4436.jpgHow is it even possible that 8 weeks have already gone by since you were born? Those other Mama’s weren’t kidding when they told me to enjoy each and every day – because they do go by very quickly! It is already mid November and the fall whether has set in here in Comox. I love the crisp air on the days it doesn’t rain and that’s when I put you in the Kelty carrier and take you and Turner for a walk. Usually you fall asleep within a few minutes, I guess watching me endlessly throw the ball for Turner is a bit boring for you!

Now that you are two months we have a pretty solid daily routine. Your Daddy has been back at work for the past month and most days its just you and me and Turner at home. In the mornings we generally go out somewhere. On Thursdays I take you to Moms and Babes, on Wednesdays we go to Mom and Baby Yoga, and at least one day a week we run errands together. You are very good in the car – you usually fall asleep in your car seat for me. In fact it is one of your favourite places to have a nap. We also go on playdates once in a while, although you’re not exactly up to much “playing” quite yet!

You are growing really well these days. This week you hit 9 lbs 7 oz and 23 inches. You are finally growing into the length of some of your sleepers! Speaking of sleep – did you know that you are a rockstar when it comes to sleeping? You sleep really really well at night, and almost always fall asleep on your own in your crib. You sleep so well that I actually really enjoy feeding you in the middle of the night, because you are so warm and snuggly and I have nothing else to think about except how beautiful you are and that you are ours! When you get up in the morning just after 7 you usually have some snuggle time with Daddy before I feed you again. He loves to prop you in the nursing pillow and lay his head down next to you, listening to you tell stories. Sometimes you even bop him on the nose with your little flailing hands.

img_4367.jpgAfter you eat you have your happiest awake time of the whole day! You are loving the new play mat that we got for you. You stare and bat at the butterfly rattle for ages, swinging your arms and kicking your legs and making lots of little noises. Your other favourite “toy” is the mobile in your crib. You love to listen to the song it plays and watch the little safari animals go around and around. You have also rediscovered your hands in the past week and now they are constantly in your mouth, so you don’t use the soother nearly as often now to fall asleep.

You are very good at keeping eye contact now too – just this morning, when Daddy got up and left the room, you turned your head to watch him as long as you could and then turned right back to look up at me! Although you’re still quite serious most of the time you often smile when we smile at you. I never get tired of taking pictures of your adorable little face and huge bright eyes!

img_4348.jpgWe have finally started EC with you and I usually catch at least one pee a day. Your Daddy is a little more nervous to try getting you to pee, but I’m working on him. You spend lots of time with your Daddy now that you will take a bottle of pumped milk. Your Daddy likes to feed you and it means that Mommy can go out and do Mommy-things once in a while. Now that you have been with us for two whole months, Daddy and I have really settled into life as your parents. We are both enjoying watching you grow and develop; we celebrate each and every one of your little milestones. The bottom line is that as we get to know you we love you more and more each day. I can’t wait to see what the next four weeks bring!

Love Mom