I am so excited.  After a fabulous visit with Reesh on Thursday morning, I was inspired to finally give the diaper free “thing” a go.  We had been putting it off, because everything with a new baby just seemed so overwhelming, and although I had told myself we would start trying once things settled down, we hadn’t yet even tried to catch a pee.

During our chat Reesh mentioned that she is often able to catch Nadia’s pees right after a nap, so I figured that was s good a place as any to start and over the last three days I have caught 4 pees!  That means 4 fewer wet diaper to wash!  Not sure how well this is going to continue, but I figure anything is better than nothing and I’m so happy that we’re finally attempting what we intended to.  If you haven’t heard of Diaper Free (aka Elimination Communication) check out this site for some basic info.  You may think we’re nuts, but I figure it can’t hurt to try!

If anyone out there is doing Diaper Free with a boy though –  I would truly appreciate some tips on aiming!!  Currently I have been using the bathtub since it’s a pretty big target!  I also think that Nate often pees while he’s nursing.  I know that some people use a bucket under a naked baby during a nursing session – I don’t think I’m quite ready to go that far, but again, if anyone has had success with this I would love to hear about it.

For the moment, I am content with our small success.  I figure if I can continue to catch a few after nap pees and change him immediately when he’s wet (as often as humanly possible at least!) I am on the right track.  Best case scenario – we’ll have a young toddler who can tell me when he needs to go – worst case scenario we’ll save a few diapers!  Either way it’s all good.

Make sure if you haven’t entered my giveaway, you do so before noon tomorrow pacfic time.  Good Luck!