So we took the step this week and introduced Nate to the bottle (full of Mommy’s breastmilk of course!) and it went famously!  There is so much confusing info out there about nipple confusion and how long to wait to introduce a bottle – too soon and you can mess up a tenuous breastfeeding relationship, too late and your little one may never accept a bottle in place of a breast.

Although I’m not planning on being away from Nate too often…I do want to be able to leave him now and then and know that Dale (or Gill, or Grandma) can feed him and that he will be happy and secure without me around.  I didn’t want to introduce the bottle too early since Nate and I did have quite a hard time getting the breastfeeding to go smoothyl.  But I’m no longer balling my eyes out through our nursing sessions, so for the last week I have been diligently pumping a little bit every day to store and on Thursday while I was at Scrapbooking, Dale fed Nate with the bottle for the first time.  It was a little awkward, and I gather he thrashed around a little more than he does when he’s at my breast, but he took it without a problem.   And so today, I went to an ALL DAY scrapbooking crop and left Dale in charge.  Nate had two bottle feedings, and both went well – even smoother than on Thursday.  And tonight I was happy to have him back at my breast for his bedtime feeding.  The day’s result?  No nipple confusion, a rested and rejuvenated Mommy, a very contented baby boy, a Daddy who had a chance to bond with his son and one tuckered out Labradoodle!

Not only did Dale feed Nate, but he also took Nate on a hike (in in the cuddly wrap) in Strathcona Provincial Park on Mt Washington, back to Lake Helen MacKenzie.  There is already about 10 inches of snow on the mountain.  Unfortunately Dale didn’t take the camera, so there are no pics to post this time, but we are planning many such fall/winter hikes so there are sure to be some soon.