Reesh’s post today pointed me to the the League of Maternal Justice where the call is out to show support to nursing mothers and to celebrate breastfeeding for the superpower it is by positng videos and pics of nursing moms and babes. Having only been a part of this “elite” club for the past three weeks, my selection of pics is rather limited but I wanted to contribute anyway!



Breastfeeding has been one of the biggest challenges of my life so far. There have been more than a few tearful nursing sessions when I felt hopelessly inadequate as a mother. But slowly Nate and I are starting to figure it out together and each day gets easier – and less painful. I adore the fact that I am still giving my son life even now that he is living outside my body and I am determined to perserve despite the ups and downs. Besides – Dale really likes my bigger boobs (as if they weren’t big enough to start with!)