Thanks to Grandma Campbell’s eager babysitting services Dale and I resurrected a Friday night tradition this week and went to the Officer’s Mess for TGIF.  For those who don’t know, the Mess is the “home away from home” for a military member.  It is basically a social club for military members and TGIF is a long standing tradition – a chance at the end of the week to hang out with colleagues, relax a bit and mull over the work week with a beer in hand.  Dale and I love going to the mess and it was so nice to be back there tonight.

We only stayed for an hour, but it was fabulous to be out and among adults for a little while.  And I certainly feel more ready to face another long night with not a lot of sleep!  Grandma had dinner all ready and Nate asleep when we got home.  And the best part?  Since I had just finished feeding the little man – I was able to have a small glass of wine at the mess.  Yay!

So, resurrecting a Friday night tradition was a great way to end week three with our little man.   Sure we won’t be able to do it every week (or maybe even many weeks) but it sure was nice tonight!