All you bloggin’ Mamas out there – you rock. Thanks for all the wonderful advice and support! On the advice of many – we tried swaddling Nate up good and tight yesterday and last night, and it worked like a charm. He doesn’t like it at first when he realizes he can’t get to his hands, but within minutes he’s much, much calmer! It has helped us sort out the difference between general fussing, true hunger and gassiness (for the most part at least – it’s hardly an exact science). Nate is still stuffed up, but we also tried the saline and it certainly helped a little bit, although he screamed and screamed when we put the drops in, poor little man!

When I started this blog I was mostly looking for an easy way to share stories and pics of Nate with family and friends. I already had a good list of blogs that I was reading daily – hoping to gain some parenting wisdom from those who had been there before and were brave enough (and awake enough!) to share their stories. But now I know why people get hooked on blogging – it’s so nice to know that across the country and around the world there are other people just like me, with the same interests and the same concerns and issues. Especially now that I’m slightly more confined to the house – it totally makes my day to read your stories, bloopers and blunders and know that when I have my own you’ll be here to laugh with me (or maybe at me??) and offer some sage wisdom.

In any case – today I am grateful for all the help. Having a newborn has been simultaneously the most trying and most exhilarating experience of my entire life thus far. I never knew I could have so many questions and I sincerely appreciate your answers!