Well…so far both Nate and I have survived out first day sans Daddy (ok – we’re only half way through, but I’m confident we can make it to the end).  Dale is working today and over the weekend, and other than a few hours here and there while Dale’s been running errands or working out, this is the first time that I’ve been alone in the house with Nate.

I figure I’m not doing too badly.  I managed to sneak in a shower; although when I came out of the shower he was screaming his head off in his bassinet despite the fact that not even 10 minutes before when I went into the shower he was out like a light!  I have also eaten both breakfast and lunch.  And perhaps the most exciting news…I haven’t been peed on yet today (knock on wood)!

The rest of the morning was spent nursing and trying to get my little fussy pants to settle down for a nap.  Daytime sleeping is not Nate’s favourite pasttime.  So if any of you wise Mom’s out there have tips or tricks for getting him to settle down, I would be eternally grateful.  He is a sucking machine; all he wants to do is suckle to soothe himself even though he’s not hungry.  I even tried the soother (am I an awful Mom??) but no such luck.  He’s finally asleep now though, and since I’ve eaten, checked my e-mail and blogged for the day, I think I will go rest my eyes as well.