Today has turned into a bit of a day of opposites. I decided to pamper myself a little bit since Dale was working his last shift this afternoon, so I called around this morning and managed to book myself a pedicure at the Kingfisher. It’s a fabulous spa and resort just south of Courtenay (for those of you not from around here) and the view alone was well worth the money. I had a fabulous aesthetician who made my sadly neglected and somewhat swollen pregnant feet look more decent than they have in nine months and I got lay back and watch the sail boat going in and out of Comox across the bay. Decidedly worth the money!

Then I returned home to a message from our midwife Emma letting me know that she has booked me an appointment for 10 am tomorrow morning for a fetal non-stress test at the hospital since I will be 41 weeks. I was kinda assuming that they wouldn’t be doing that until I was closer to 42 weeks so I’m a little bummed. But on the other hand it will be nice to know that the baby is still doing fine. They will monitor me at the hospital for about 20 minutes to ensure that the placenta is still healthy and the baby’s heart tones are still strong. I’m certainly not worried since the baby is still moving lots and regularly and I’m feeling fine, but I would totally prefer to just have the baby and not have to go through the monitoring at all!

The other good thing is that Dale is off tomorrow and will be able to come with me for moral support. Since we’re planning to have the baby at home I wasn’t really expecting to have to go back to the hospital at all. We have a midwives appointment tomorrow afternoon (unless of course baby arrives tonight!) so at least we’ll get to discuss the test results with Emma or Sadie right away.

So keep your fingers crossed for us that everything is still fine and that Baby Campbell decides to make an appearance sooner rather than later! Mommy should be revelling in the post-pedicure relaxation – not worrying about non-stress tests!