Jen is baking. Yes that’s right – baking. It usually only happens at Christmas, or in the presence of especially inspiring people. But no – here I am, sitting home alone on a random Tuesday afternoon baking what promise to be the biggest, gooiest, yummiest chocolate chip cookies ever! Or at least the best ever made by me. If they turn out well…I’ll post the recipe for everyone to try. If not…maybe I’ll post it anyway as a way to occupy myself tomorrow in the seemingly never-ending baby-waiting contest.

As a side note – I’d just like to comment on the fabulous September weather we’ve been having here in Comox. I am almost starting to forget (almost – but not quite) the fact that this was a truly rotten summer weather wise with way too much rain, wind and general yuckiness. The beautiful sunshine and crystal clear mountain views remind me of the fall Dale and I moved here. Can you believe that was 4 – yes 4 – years ago!?! We had a super warm fall then too and Dale and I spent every free moment exploring all the parks and trails around. I’m hoping the weather will hold out for a few more weeks so that when the soon-to-be Grandma’s are here we can get out and about with the fabulous new stroller (thanks MOM!) to walk the beast (that would be Turner) and show off the baby.

Oh – the oven is beeping. I’m off to try my cookies, but I’ll leave with a few pics taken way back when.