Or at least that’s what it felt like. But alas – no baby yet. So here are the top ten reasons why I’m so very ready to meet this baby and NOT be pregnant any more:

10. I miss being able to reach my toes;

9. I’m really tired of trying to explain to Dale what a contraction feels like – I’m pretty sure he just doesn’t get it considering he doesn’t have a uterus (although I appreciate his desire to participate in the pregnancy);

8. I don’t want to have to tell another human being that I was due last Friday;

7. I’ve almost finished an entire bottle of Tums and would prefer not to have to buy another one;

6. I’m tired of cleaning the house “for the last time”;

5. It’s no fun not being able to use all the adorabe new baby stuff I’ve bought and received (think opening Christmas presents then just packing them away for a few weeks);

4. If I never go into labour how will I ever know whether hypnobirthing works or not??

3. It’s getting harder and harder to keep our baby names a secret;

2. Once there is a baby here, I will never again need another excuse to get out my camera and take millions of pictures; and


So now I’m off to stock up on a store of scrapbooking magazines, trashy novels and funny movies in feeble hopes of keeping myself occupied for the next couple days. Here’s hoping they will lie untouched beside the bed while I’m giving birth and eventually be forgotten amongst the feedings, diaper changes, cuddles and sleeplessness of our impending parenthood!