Well, I made it to the milestone of 40 weeks.  I’m not too sure how excited I am about that fact at the moment though – despite the fact that I spent a good chunk of my pregnancy trying NOT to focus on a due date, I think I was secretly hoping that this baby would arrive at least a little bit early.  No such luck.

My midwives appointment today was rather uneventful (which I kinda expected).  My blood pressure is getting a bit high (especially for my normals) so they will keep monitoring it.  It it gets too high our planned home birth may be in jeopardy, but there is nothing to really worry about at the moment – just something to keep an eye on.  Otherwise, Deb agreed that all my pre-labour signs were good indications that the baby could come pretty soon.  But there are obviously no guarantees.  For now, I have another midwives appointment booked for next Friday which hopefully I’ll be able to cancel.

I’m slightly worried about how I will cope with the boredom of waiting next week if the baby doesn’t arrive over the weekend.  This week I had appointments every day and lots of little errands to run…but as of today I have nothing booked and the errands are pretty much finished off.  On the up side however…maybe the baby knows that the nursery furniture is still MIA and has decided to wait until that arrives before making an appearance!  It would definitely be nice to have the nursery all set up before the little one arrives.

Anyway…you can all keep your fingers crossed for us that Baby Campbell will decide s/he wants an early September birthday and will come out sooner rather than later.  Until then, I will continue to stockpile food in my freezer and watch an inordinate number of daytime home decorating shows.