I’m beginning to think that everyone else is actually more anxious for me to have this baby than I am myself!!  I’ve had about a gazillion phone calls today –  which is great, because it kept me busy.  I also occupied myself by baking 4 loaves of  zucchini bread with home-grown zucchini from Dale’s fabulous vegetable garden and doing a load of laundry.  Now it may just be me – but a basket of wet laundry is feeling much, much heavier these days.

I have a midwives appointment tomorrow but I can’t imagine that they’re going to be able to tell me too much at this point that I don’t already know.  At least I was able to sleep pretty well last night after my false alarm.  I can’t say the same for my sister –  who apparently went to work grouchy after tossing and turning all night long waiting for me to call and tell her a baby was on the way! Alas – no baby on the way yet.  At least I know she’s REALLY excited to be an Aunt!

In other news though – Megan over at Sorta Crunchy had a beautiful bouncing baby girl yesterday.  Be sure to check out the adorable pics and say hi to Megan.  Now I know it must be my turn next!