If there is one thing I know that I am definitely excited about with regards to our impending parenthood it has to be the opportunity to take a gazillion photos of our new baby as s/he grows up. I’m pretty sure that I’ve always loved photography – right back to my first Cabbage Patch Kid Camera (it was yellow and had a built in flash and took that weird kind of film that rolled from one cannister into the other).

Now I am lucky enough to have upgraded to a Canon Rebel XT Digital SLR. I’ve taken a few photography courses (thanks to Dale!) and manage to pull off the odd half-decent shot. My Mom thinks I’m a wonderful photographer – but she’s a wee bit biased; however, with time, practice, patience and a good camera with some quality lenses, I am improving all the time.

Especially since I started scrapbooking, it has become more important to me to take great good photos. It’s WAY WAY easier to scrapbook with good photos than it is with not-so-good photos. Don’t get me wrong though – I’ll still totally scrapbook a bad pic of an important event to make sure I document the memories, but it certainly adds more challenge to the creative process!

Anyway…reading the blog of another Mom and photographer named Tracey Clark, I found a link to this great site called DPS – Digital Photography School. The site, run and written by Darren Rowse, uses a blog format to pass on photography tips for digital photographers (although much of it would apply to film cameras too). A new tip is posted everyday Monday – Friday and the thing I really like about it, after visiting daily for the past few weeks, is that there are lots of links within the tips to other articles that explain connected concepts in photography.

I really hope that some of you amateur photographers out there will stop by and check it out – and please let me know what you think! There is a section full of tips geared towards beginners too. So many people these days have wicked features on their so-called “point and shoot” digital cameras that they have no idea how to use. And if only you pulled out your camera manual and had some fun playing around, you could bring your photography (and your scrapbooking, if that’s what you’re into) to a whole new level! Even if all that means is a nice shot of the birthday boy/girl with the cake that doesn’t require the flash or a creative vacation pic that doesn’t just feature you standing in front of some lanmark, squinting into the sun.

I’m going to leave you with one last plug. Some of you reading this may be eligible to enter the Department of National Defence Photography Contest 2007. There is an amateur category and the entry deadline is October 1st, but most Base/Wing Imaging sections will send your entries for you around mid September. I encourage anyone eligible to think about entering (it’s open to CF Members and their immediate families as well as DND employees) and for those of you who can’t enter the DND contest there are lots of other contests out there (online too) …so get creative and enter for the fun of it. I’ll leave you with my entires for this year – I’d love to see some of your favourite pics too, so leave a comment and link to them if you like!